What is the best customer service number for Amazon?

*This website advises that calls to 084 numbers cost 7p/min plus your phone provider’s access charge.

The easiest way of getting your problem resolved is definitely to call Amazon’s customer service department. There are several different ways that you can contact Amazons customer service department, however one of the more effective methods is by phone.

If you have a specific problem that you need an urgent answer for, then picking up your telephone and calling Amazon’s UK phone number is definitely the best thing to do.

So why might you need to call Amazon’s UK customer service?

– You order a product and it is past the delivery date but hasn’t arrived yet.
– To report or complain about a seller
– You received a damaged item and would like to return it
– There are issues with your account
– You are unable to get your payment information updated online
– To report any fraudulent activity involved with your account
– To ask questions about Amazon’s services

Advice About Amazon Third Party Sellers

One great thing about Amazon is the fact that in addition to selling products directly, it also provides third party sellers with a platform for promoting and selling their items. That also means you will be unable to obtain refunds directly from Amazon for damaged goods. Instead, you will have to contact the seller. If the seller refuses to cooperate, you can call the Amazon UK customer service number and report them. The situation will then be investigated.

About Amazon

Amazon is an electronic commerce platform and a cloud computing company now as well. It is an American owned company that is the world’s largest Internet retail outlet. Apart from selling books, the company now sells all types of products. It is best known for book formats and the Amazon kindle device. The company has separate websites for various countries. This helps to keep their delivery costs down and avoid having customs and international shipping charges. Amazon was voted as the world’s most valuable and important retailer in 2015, surpassing Walmart, which is its largest competitor. Given that it is such a innovative and dynamic corporation, it allows Amazon to always release new services and products that its customers desire.

Amazon was founded in 1994 by Jeff Bezos. From its early beginnings up to the present day, the company has performed better on a consistent basis than it was ever expected to when it comes to profit and revenue. Today it is one of the world’s biggest companies. Amazon attracts more than 615 million visitors per year, and it continues to grow at an impressive rate as it keeps developing new subsidiaries and products. The company currently has separate domains for nearly all countries in the world. Amazon’s review based system provides customers with accurate ideas of what their products will actually be like once they purchase and start using them.

Amazon Reviews

Lately the topic of reviews has become quite a controversial subject. Due to the intense competition on Amazon, and self-publishing books in particular, the more positive reviews that can be obtained, the higher your book can rank within a certain genre. Although you are only allowed to review a product you have purchased, there are many authors who publish their books and give them away for free. They also will pay people to write positive reviews and post them until they have boosted their ranking and then they start to charge for their books. That can result in people not trusting the reviews as much as they used to. However, that hasn’t affected the service overall that Amazon provides.

The customer service that is provided when calling Amazon’s customer service phone number is overall above par – once you actually get to speak to a person.

To make your Amazon customer service experience even more pleasant, it is a good idea to follow the tips we provided you with earlier in the article. If you do need to talk with an Amazon customer service agent over the phone, don’t forget to remain patient and have all of your order information handy so that you can avoid wasting time going over the basics.

Answers to Common Amazon Support Questions

Below are answers to common questions with answers that we have found for you from across the internet. Our goal is to bring these common questions together in one place so you can find answers faster. We are in no way connected to or represent Amazon. All information has been publically sourced from the internet and we cannot guarantee the accuracy of information.

How long may it take for my Amazon order to reach me?

Amazon has many different sellers and warehouses around the world, so the amount of time your item may take to reach you depends on the seller and the location. Some sellers offer a number of different delivery options, including special delivery and next-day delivery, which you can choose if you would like to receive your item quickly. The estimated date of delivery of an item can often be found on the product page, but you may need to be logged into your Amazon account to see an exact date.
Remember not all items may necessarily arrive at the same time even if you order them all at once – this is because they may be sent from different locations by different sellers. Once you have made your order, you may also be able to find the estimated date of delivery for each item on your order confirmation email. You can also find out details of your item’s delivery by tracking the package on your online account.

How can I track a package that I have ordered?

Log in to your online Amazon account and head to the ‘Your Orders’ page. Each item that you have ordered should be on this page along with an option to track the package. Some orders may have more tracking information than others, depending on the kind of postage the seller used. In general, you should be able to find out if your item has been dispatched and when it is expected to arrive. If the seller has provided tracking information, you may be able to find out more specific details about your order’s whereabouts.

Can I return an item that I bought on Amazon?

Yes. You may need to use Amazon’s online Returns Support Centre to make a return. You may need to choose the item that you would like to return and fill in the details about why you are returning it. If the item was sold by Amazon.co.uk, you may be able to choose a method to return the item and follow the instructions of what to do next. If the item was sold by an independent seller on Amazon, you may need to submit the return for approval and wait for instructions from the seller. Keep in mind, you may be charged for the cost of making the return delivery.

What payment options do I have on Amazon?

There are a number of payment options available on Amazon. It’s possible to pay with a credit or debit cards, including American Express, Delta, EuroCard, MasterCard, Visa, Visa Electron, UK based Solo and Maestro card, and by paying monthly. Any of these methods of payment can be saved, edited and deleted on your online account. You can also pay your Amazon bill with Amazon gift vouchers and gift cards.

How can I cancel my Amazon Prime membership?

If you’d like to cancel your current Amazon Prime membership or end your free trial before you are charged for the paid version, you can do so in your account settings. You may need to follow the links to your Amazon Prime settings and click ‘do not continue’ or ‘end membership’.

How can I get student discount on Amazon products?

You may need to have a current Amazon student account as well as an NUS (National Union of Students) Extra Card. Log in to the NUS Extra website, follow the link to Amazon discounts and get a discount code. Then, next time you make a purchase on Amazon, put the discount code into the promotional code box and complete your order. Doing this may apply a student discount to many Amazon.co.uk products. Keep in mind, this student discount code does not work on all products.

How can I manage the payment settings for my Amazon Kindle or Fire?

You may need to log in to your online Amazon account and find the link ‘Manage Your Content and Devices’. Here, you may be able to edit your payment method, credit card details and billing address, among other things.

Is it possible to buy an Amazon gift card or voucher for a friend?

Yes! There are a few different ways to purchase a gift card or voucher for someone else. Start by going to the ‘Gift Cards & Top Up’ link on Amazon’s website. Choose from a few different options, such as a gift voucher sent to the recipient by email, a printable gift voucher sent to you or a physical gift card in a greetings card. It’s also possible to send gift boxes or personalise vouchers with a personal photo.

How does the Amazon ‘Sales Rank’ work?

Amazon’s ‘Sales Rank’ is the equivalent of a bestseller list. Items are given a sales rank within a category, such as books, DVDs or CDs, and the sales rank shows how well the item is selling in comparison to other items in the same category. The lower the number, the more sales the item is getting.

What is Amazon Co Pilot?

Amazon understands that some of its customers are not familiar with online shopping platforms. Amazon co-pilot was created to help reduce the number of general questions they receive by phone. To use this service you will need to call the Amazon UK contact number first and ask for it to be enabled. They will provide you with a code to use and then you will be able to use the feature.

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