What is the best customer service number for Booking.com?

*This website advises that calls to 084 numbers cost 7p/min plus your phone provider’s access charge.

Booking.com is a website which allows customers to book deals on hotel and holiday home accommodation, flights and other travel methods in towns and cities all over the world, for a variety of budgets. The site is primarily aimed at individual travellers and holidaymakers, but there is also a Business section of the site which allows firms and companies with a regular or frequent need for travel and accommodation to book as an entity and receive specific deals and benefits as a result.

The local Booking.com phone number and the international English language customer service helpline are open 24 hours a day. Before you contact the Booking.com helpline, you might find it helpful to have to hand:

• Your email address and other account login details, such as your password
• Booking reference and PIN code (which can be found on your confirmation email)

You can also request your confirmation email to be resent if you have not received or accidentally deleted it.

There is a booking app for Smartphones and tablets, which can be downloaded directly from the booking.com customer services site by entering an email address or mobile phone number, or by directly scanning a QR code. The app allows customers to use their Smartphone or tablet directly as a boarding pass or ticket without needing to print out hardcopy tickets or booking confirmations, get directions to their accommodation directly in unfamiliar cities, receive any updates on their bookings directly while travelling, and make bookings through their mobile device without needing access to their credit or debit card.


Can I change or cancel my reservation through booking.com customer service?

The easiest way to change or update your reservations is by picking up your phone to call Booking.com contact number and talking to a representative.

If I need to change or cancel my booking, will there be a fee?

As a general rule, bookings can be changed or cancelled without any additional fees up to 24 hours before booking-in time. Any rooms with special policies in this regard (particularly including Special Deals) will have this information included in the booking confirmation email.

Can I pay for my stay with a credit card other than the one used to make the reservation?

Although most accommodation providers will generally accept payment by any valid payment method, including cash, it is worth placing a quick phone call to the Booking.com helpline to confirm before your trip to make sure they accept your intended payment method.

What are the check-in and check-out time for my hotel?

Look on the Hotel Policies section at the bottom of your hotel’s page on the booking.com site or your confirmation email for this information.

About booking.com

Booking.com started in 1996 and is part of The Priceline Group, a group for travel deals which also includes Kayak, agoda.com, Rentalcars.com and Open Table.

Is it possible to cancel my reservation?

Yes. You can cancel your reservation via your online account or by calling the Booking.com customer service number. The cancellation fee often depends on your host’s cancellation policy, which can usually be found on your confirmation email. You may have to pay a fee, depending on how much notice you give the host. However, if you have made a ‘free cancellation’ booking, you should not be charged a fee for cancelling. Once you’ve made your cancellation, you should receive a confirmation email stating that your booking has been cancelled.

What is a ‘prepayment’?

A ‘prepayment’ is a charge made to your card (or another form of payment) before your Booking.com stay. This charge is made to confirm that your payment method is valid ahead of time. Not all properties charge you a ‘prepayment’ fee. You can find out your reservations charging policy on your confirmation email or by calling the Booking.com telephone number.

What fees does Booking.com charge?

Booking.com states on their website that they do not personally charge any booking fees. If there are any extra charges on your booking confirmation or receipt, these are being charged by the property you have booked with.

What fees will the property I’m staying at charge?

The fees and taxes you are charged vary depending on your property’s policies. You will usually be able to see a breakdown of any taxes or fees charged on your booking confirmation email. If money has been paid to Booking.com earlier than you expected, you may have been charged a prepayment, deposit or preauthorisation (a hold an a certain amount of money on your credit card until you have paid the property in full).

How can I make a change to a reservation I’ve made?

Log in to your online account on the Booking.com website or follow the relevant link in your booking confirmation email. In many cases, you can edit a number of booking details, such as check-in times, dates, room types, guest details and payment details. However, keep in mind that not all properties allow you to make changes to your booking. Contact Booking.com’s customer service department with additional queries.

How can I use the ‘Booking Assistant’?

The Booking Assistant is a free online tool that customers can use to send and receive messages from Booking.com. The tool is available 24/7 and allows you to make requests for future bookings, such as parking spaces or extra beds. The Booking Assistant should appear automatically on the Booking.com website and app, as long as you are logged in and have a future reservation in place. Of course you can always call the Booking.com number listed above if your prefer to speak to an agent.

Do I need a credit card to make a reservation on Booking.com?

Sometimes. Most hotels on Booking.com require valid credit card details to be entered in order to make a reservation. This does not necessarily mean you will be charged on this card, in many cases it is just an extra assurance of payment for properties. The number of properties that do not require a credit card to make a booking is growing, so you may not need to enter card details for all bookings.

I will be arriving outside of check-in hours – can I still check in?

To find out if you can check in outside of check-in hours, you may need to contact the property directly. In many cases, you can include your arrival time in the information you submit when making your reservation. However, the property owner still needs to confirm and accept your request.

Can I request a ‘smoking’ room?

If the property you would like to reserve allows smoking, this should be stated on the relevant room details and you should be able to book a ‘smoking’ room. If there are no ‘smoking’ rooms available, you will not be able to smoke in the room.

Can I bring my pet to a property I booked on Booking.com?

It depends entirely on the property you have booked. You can find out the hotel’s policies on pets in your booking confirmation.

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