What is the best helpline number for Child Tax Credit?

*This website advises that calls to 084 numbers cost 7p/min plus your phone provider’s access charge.

Child Tax Credit can be claimed by any adult who is responsible for any child under 16 years old, or any young person under 20 years old who is still in full-time education. You do not need to be in work to claim Child Tax Credit; however, you cannot claim it while also claiming Universal Credit.

Who is Eligible for Child Tax Credit

There are several different elements to Child Tax Credit, and your individual circumstances determine which elements you are able to claim.

• The “family element” – a basic amount which every person who is eligible to receive the benefit will receive (currently up to £545)
• The “child element” – this is a part of the benefit that is payable per child that the claimant is responsible for (currently up to £2,780)
• The “disabled child element” – this is a premium element that is payable to the claimant for each disabled child they are responsible for, over and above the basic element and those for each child (currently up to £3,140)
• The “severely disabled child element” – this is an additional premium element payable to the claimant for each severely disabled child (currently up to £1,275)

Anyone can call the Child Tax Credit contact number to determine eligibility. The amount that you will receive as a claimant is calculated by determining which elements they are eligible for and adding them all together e.g. if the claimant is a parent with three children, one of whom is severely disabled, their entitlement would be:

Family Element + (Child Element x 3) + Disabled Child Element + Severely Disabled Child Element

You need to fill in a form to make a new claim for Child Tax Credit. You can get this form by calling the Child Tax Credit phone number 8am-8pm Monday-Friday, 8am-4pm on Saturdays and 9am-5pm on SUnday. When you call, please make sure you have to hand:

• Your National Insurance Number
• Your address, including post code, and your phone or mobile phone number

Your form may take up to two weeks to arrive, and it may take up to five weeks to process a new claim. When filling out the form, you may need proof of your income, bills, payslips, benefits, tax credits, childcare and your child’s education for the last three years.

Once you have an active claim, you can update the Tax Credits Office as to any changes in your circumstances by phoning the same number.


How will I receive Child Tax Credit?

It will be paid into a single account, usually the bank account of the person responsible for the child(ren).

How often will I receive Child Tax Credit?

You will receive the payment every four weeks from the date the claim is made to 5 April every year. The claim needs to be renewed every year to make sure the payments continue to be made.

Will I always receive the same amount in Child Tax Credits?

No – this amount may change in line with changes in your circumstances, such as a child leaving full time education, the claimant’s income changing (e.g. by losing or getting a job) or by the claimant losing a partner. You should report any changes that might affect your Child Tax Credit to the Tax Credit Office as soon as possible, as this will allow them to adjust the amount of money you receive. If you are unsure then call the Child Tax Credit number and ask.

What if someone else and I both care for a child? Can I still apply for Child Tax Credit?

The claimant for Child Tax Credit If you and another person who both care for a child live in separate households, then you should try to determine if you are the person with primary responsibility for them by looking at questions such as whether the child sleeps at your home, whether they keep their clothes and toys there, and whether you buy most of their food and clothing. If you and a person living in a different household (such as yourself and your ex-partner) both have the child sleep at your house some of the time and pay for their food and clothes together, then you should both make a claim and the Tax Credit Office will decide which of you should receive the award.

What if I have primary responsibility for a child that is not my biological son or daughter?

You can claim Child Tax Credits for any child you are primarily responsible for caring for – whether they are your biological child, a family member such as a grandchild or younger sibling, a family friend you are looking after, or for a fostered or adopted child as long as you are not receiving money for them from your local council.

Postal Addresses

For new claims:

HM Revenue and Customs – Tax Credit Office
L75 1AZ
United Kingdom

For updating existing claims:

HM Revenue and Customs – Tax Credit Office
Comben House
Farriers Way
L75 1AX
United Kingdom

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