What is the best helpline number for DLA?

*This website advises that calls to 084 numbers cost 7p/min plus your phone provider’s access charge.

The Disability Living Allowance, or DLA, is a benefits programme offer in the United Kingdom. The benefit is in the form of a payment given to those who require it as the result of either a physical or mental disability, or a mobility or personal care issue. In 2013, the programme underwent change and was gradually phased out. The name also changed to the PIP, or Personal Independent Payment. Children under 16 years of age can still claim the benefit, as can those who were over 65 years of age when the programme changed, on April 8th 2013.

The DLA was originally created as a merging of the earlier attendance allowance and mobility allowance.

How to Contact – What to Know Before Calling the DLA Number

There is a service line available for enquiries related to the DLA and PIP available on weekdays. From Monday to Friday, the line opens at 8:00AM and closes at 6:00PM. Please note that holiday hours may vary.

Things to Remember When Calling the DLA Contact Number

  • If your claim is complex, make notes of your enquiry and things that you need to ask before you call. This can help you save time and deal with the call in the most efficient way. Having an outline of things to ask is a good way of making your call to the DLA helpline shorter and more effective.
  • Dealing with the DLA can often be a tough situation, but please remember that staff are not trained or allowed to take any form of verbal abuse, and failing to be polite and courteous is likely to make your call longer, more complex, and difficult. Be polite at all times to staff who are there to assist you.
  • The DLA service line is automated in the first instance. Listening attentively and choosing the best option is a good way to guarantee you are put through to the right service agent and therefore receive the most relevant and efficient service.


Will I need to be assessed before I receive DLA?

Yes, it is likely that in order to qualify you will need to undergo an assessment to determine what level of support you receive. If this is the case then you will receive a formal letter containing instructions on when and where your assessment will be, and the information that you need to bring with you. It is likely you will need to bring a driving licence, birth certificate, bank statements, and details of any insurance policies you have. If you have not received your letter than contact DLA at the number listed above.

I have problems walking – can I claim DLA?

This depends on your circumstances. However, it is likely that if you have severe difficulty walking, are unable to walk due to having no feet or legs, need assistance, or are visually or aurally impaired (100% blind or 80% deaf) then you may qualify for DLA. In this case, you should call the DLA phone number above to talk to a service agent and then arrange to be assessed.

Have a better contact number for DLA?