What is the best helpline number for DPS?

*This website advises that calls to 084 numbers cost 7p/min plus your phone provider’s access charge.

The Deposit Protection Scheme, or DPS, is a programme set up by the UK government to regulate the deposits paid by renting tenants in England and Wales. This was partially because many people had experienced paying a month’s rent as deposit for a flat or house, and then found that upon leaving or terminating the rental agreement they were not refunded with the deposit. Other cases of slow repayment, totalling over several months, led to the DPS.

If a landlord does not give a valid reason within a month (30 days) of the termination of a rental agreement, then they must pay back the full deposit. If the landlord fails to comply with the DPS then they may be fined up to three times the value of the initial deposit.

Normally, claims are made by either the landlord or the tenant within the first two weeks after the tenancy has come to an end (14 days).

How to Contact DPS Helpline

The DPS runs a service for enquiries that is available every day of the week. The service line opens at 8:00 AM and doesn’t close until 6:00PM and on Saturdays 9:00AM-1:00PM. Please note that holidays may have different hours of operation. They can be reached by calling the DPS phone number above.

Things to Remember When Calling the DPS Contact Number

  • You must have details about your deposit or property when calling. That means that you need the address of the property, details of the rental agreement and when it came to an end, details of the deposit and the due date for repayment, and anything else necessary to your claim. It may also be the case that you need to provide details about your landlord or tenant.
  • In the first instance, if the situation cannot be resolved by either you and the tenant or you and the landlord privately, you should aim to call the Deposit Protection Service contact number and seek information on the next steps in the legal process.


Will I have to go to court?

No. You may have to go to court depending on the circumstances of the case, but the DPS runs a service to avoid this happening, named the Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR). This department will work with both parties to identify, based on any current evidence, the situation as it stands. The situation will only proceed to court if either the tenant or the landlord is unwilling to comply with the ADR or does not follow the guidance of the ADR. In the worst case scenario, the situation will then proceed to court.

How do I make a DPS claim?

To do this you must register a claim within 14 days of the ending of the rental agreement. This can be done by accessing your DPS account online and proceeding under the ‘file a single claim’ section. If you’re confused about this part of the process then you may call the DPS telephone number and the customer service team can provide assistance with filing a claim, particularly if it is time sensitive. You may also be able to register a claim through the DPS customer service line.

What is a valid reason for registering a claim?

This varies depending on the circumstances, but there are several valid reasons that you may register a claim. If a tenant has caused significant damage to a property, removed furnishings or otherwise not fulfilled their terms under the tenancy contract, they may not be eligible for the refunding of a deposit. To discuss your circumstances and eligibility, it’s best to do research yourself and then speak to a service agent who can assist you with your claim.

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