What is the best helpline number for DVLA?

*This website advises that calls to 084 numbers cost 7p/min plus your phone provider’s access charge.

The Driving Vehicle and Licensing Agency (DVLA) is a United Kingdom government agency, operating under the minister for transport. The DVLA has numerous responsibilities, including but not limited to the registration, storage, and maintenance of vehicle databases. The DVLA also deals with registration of new drivers and offers some products for sale, including personalised license plates at a premium price.

One of the most important aspects of the DVLA is their database containing all vehicle registration numbers, as this can be used both for criminal enforcement and investigation, providing evidence and tracing vehicles. The DVLA database can be used for investigating insurance fraud, theft, and the status of a vehicle as written-off.

How to Contact DVLA Helpline

The DVLA operates a customer service line six days a week. From Monday to Friday the line opens at 8:00AM and closes at 7:00PM. On Saturday the line opens at 8:00AM and closes at 2:00PM. Please note that this doesn’t apply to holidays when hours may be reduced. You can reach them by calling the DVLA number listed above.

Things to Remember When Calling the DVLA Contact Number

  • If you’re calling about a vehicle you should have all of your vehicle information and documents to hand, including tax, registration, license plate number, SORN certificate, and insurance documents.
  • If you’re calling about yourself ensure you have details of the vehicle(s) you’re driving in addition to your licence information.
  • Ensure that you maintain a polite and courteous manner when talking to customer service agents, as being abusive or confrontational will lead to the call being terminated. Remember that even if you’re feeling frustrated when you call DVLA, the staff is there to assist you.


I’ve just bought or sold a vehicle, do I need to contact the DVLA Customer Service Helpline?

Yes, if this is the case then you should call the DVLA telephone number to notify them of the sale or purchase of a vehicle. In particular, you will need a reference number from the vehicle’s registration certificate, known as the V5C.

Do I need to let the DVLA know if I change my address or telephone number?

Yes, and there are strict penalties for not doing so. You can be fined up to £1000 for failing to let the DVLA know of a change of address or contact information relating to your driver’s license or car. The best way of doing this is to call the DVLA with the information necessary, for instance driver’s license, insurance and registration information, and inform them that you’d like to update your address or the address of your vehicle.

Can I tax my vehicle over the phone?

Yes, aside from renewing your tax or taxing your vehicle online, you can also call the DVLA phone number and receive instruction and guidance from the service operator. This is particularly useful if you’re confused by the online process or having trouble effectively following the instructions. When contacting the customer service line, keep your reminder letter with you as well as other details. You can also do this at any larger post office, but will need to bring extra information with you.

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