What is the best helpline number for Student Finance?

*This website advises that calls to 084 numbers cost 7p/min plus your phone provider’s access charge.

Student Finance is a non-profit company established in 1989 by the United Kingdom’s Government. The purposes of Student Finance is to provide financial assistance, including grants and loans, to British citizens studying at colleges, universities, and further education institutions. The company originally provided loans in the style of a mortgage, until tuition fees became standard in 1998, at which point they introduced loans which are contingent on the earnings of the recipient of the loan. The Student Finance head office is located in Glasgow, Scotland.

How to Call the Student Finance Contact Number

The Student Finance contact number runs a customer service line 6 days a week. From Monday to Friday this line opens at 8:00AM and closes at 8:00PM. On Saturdays and Sundays, the line opens at 9:00AM and closes at 4:00PM. Please note that the Student Finance helpline holiday hours of operation may be different.

Things to Remember When Calling the Student Finance Number

  • Read the ‘loan repayment’ section on the Student Finance’s website to better understand the terms and conditions, as well as the structure, of your loan. Doing this beforehand can save you time and energy on the phone, as well as give you better insight into your query.
  • If you received a loan but are now living overseas, you should read the section on the Student Finance’s website relating to overseas loan recipients, for similar reasons to the above point. This may answer your query. If it doesn’t then call the Student Finance customer service line.
  • Have any prior correspondence, and information about your loan on hand when you contact the Student Finance customer service number listed above. If you have all of your information, including customer number, and interactions you’ve already had with Student Finance support, it can save time and effort, as well as making the job easier for the service worker.


I’m now living abroad and want to let Student Finance know, can I call the Student Finance phone number above?

If you are preparing to live abroad, yes. However, if you are currently abroad, you will need to find a different method of contacting Student Finance, as this number is for residents in the United Kingdom only.

Does the government own my loan or has it been sold to someone else?

This is a complex question and not one that can be easily answered. However, if you took out a loan prior to 2012, it’s possible that the ‘loan book’ with your loan has been sold. To find more information on this, you will need to contact Student Finance telephone support. The loan may be serviced by the Student Loans Company if you took out a loan recently, if you have additional questions call the Student Loans Company contact number.

I want to apply for or enquire about a postgraduate loan

If you want to apply for, or enquire about a postgraduate loan, you will need to call Student Finance. Student Finance are responsible not only for loans for undergraduate degrees and further education degrees, but also in providing postgraduate education loans. Loans are provided to postgraduate students to assist with costs such as tuition fees and study materials.

Will my student loan be more if tuition fees rise?

This is a complex question, as tuition fees are predicted to increase year-on-year. In order to better understand your loan situation if you’re applying this year or next, we’d recommend looking into the regulations increase notification on the Student Finance website. If you have a specific enquiry that you can’t find an answer to, you may consider enquiring on the Student Finance telephone number if necessary.

Have a better contact number for Student Finance?