What is the best customer service number for Swiftcover?

*This website advises that calls to 084 numbers cost 7p/min plus your phone provider’s access charge.

Swiftcover started out as an insurance company operating only through the internet in 2005. After two years of operation the company was acquired by AXA Insurance, and now Swiftcover continues to operate as a separate subsidiary of AXA.

Swiftcover gained popularity using famous musicians, including Iggy Pop, to advertise their products. One of Swiftcover’s main unique selling points is customer’s’ ability to manage their policy wholly online, although the company still operates customer service phone lines for anyone who chooses not to take this options.

How to Contact Swiftcover Customer Services

Swiftcover operate customer service lines every day of the week. From Monday to Friday, the lines open at 8:00AM and close at 6:00PM. On Saturday the hours of service are reduced. The lines open at 9:00AM and close at 12:00PM. Holidays may operate different hours to those listed above.

Things to Remember When Calling the Swiftcover Contact Number

  • You can call the Swiftcover phone number for a variety of reasons, including making changes to your policy or updating your details. You can also renew your policy, add or remove members, request details or ask for a refund.
  • When you call Swiftcover, you should make sure you have all the details of your policy with you, including your policy number and any previous correspondence with the company. Making sure you’re well prepared for the call will speed things up and make assistance more efficient.
  • Remember to be polite and courteous to your service agent, even if you are under pressure or need to make a claim. Their job is to assist you and treating them with respect will go a long way.


Am I covered to drive another person’s car on my policy?

This depends entirely on your policy details. The most simple way of finding out whether you’re covered to drive another person’s vehicle is to check section 5 of your insurance certificate. Please note however, that to drive another person’s car there is a minimum age restriction, and if you are under 25 you won’t be allowed to under the terms of your policy.

You should also check the type of vehicle, as while you may be covered to drive another person’s car, provided that they have insurance, it’s likely that you may not be covered to drive a van, bus, or other non-standard vehicle. You can get information on this by calling the Swift car insurance phone nubmer.

I haven’t received my policy/other documents – where can I find them?

Your policy documents are stored online with Swiftcover. To locate your documents, log into your account online and access the “Swift Space” section. You should be able to view, download, and print any of the documents that you require from this access point.

Should there be an issue with locating your documents here, or if your documents do not appear here, you can contact the Swiftcover number for assistance or to report an error with your policy.

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