What is the best customer service number for Thames Water?

*This website advises that calls to 084 numbers cost 7p/min plus your phone provider’s access charge.

You can contact Thames Water customer services for support and information about your water supply and waste water management.

Before calling the Thames Water contact number

You may want to have the following pieces of information ready:
◦ Your address
◦ Your contact details
◦ Your water meter reading
◦ Your 10-digit Thames Water account number
◦ Your payment details

You can call Thames Water customer services for help or information about:
◦ Paying your Water bill
◦ Your account information
◦ Registering a change of address
◦ Reporting a leak
◦ Reporting sewer flooding
◦ Reporting problems with water supply or pressure
◦ Checking for water works in your area

Please note that Thames Water customer services records all calls for quality purposes.

Frequently Asked Questions

When will I receive my water bill?

Water meter
If you have a water meter installed, Thames Water will try to take a reading at least once a year. You will be billed twice a year.

No water meter
If you don’t have a water meter installed, Thames Water will send you a bill once a year, in either February or March, to inform you of your water bill for the following year. Your billing period will begin on 1 April and end on 31 March of the following year.

New home
If you’ve just moved house, you’ll receive a water bill within ten working days. You will be billed from the date you moved into your new address, until March of the following year.

What should I do if my water supply is not working?

If you experience a loss of water supply to your property, there could be a number of possible causes. Try doing the following:

Check for incidents in your area:
Call Thames Water customer services to check whether there are any incidents in your area that could cause your water to be shut-off, such as a burst water main or pre-planned water works.

Check your stop valves:
Make sure that both your indoor and outdoor stop valves are fully open. Turn the handle anti-clockwise to open it.
Some outdoor stop valves supply water to more than one property, so ask your neighbours whether they have recently closed the outdoor stop valve.
Check your kitchen tap:
The cold water tap in your kitchen or utility room is usually the first point where the main water supply enters your property. If the water supply to this tap is normal, but you have no water from other taps, it indicates that there is an internal plumbing problem. You will need to call a plumber.
Check with your neighbours:
If your neighbours are experiencing the same problems as you are, it indicates that there is a problem in the area. Call Thames Water customer services for support.
Check your pipes:
Check your pipes for any signs of damage, and if the weather is cold, make sure that your pipes have not frozen.

What should I do if I spot a leak?

At home
A leak inside your house does not fall under Thames Water’s responsibility, and they will be unable to repair it. You will need to call a plumber.

Outside your house
If there is a leak outside your house, but still on your property, Thames Water may be responsible for fixing it. Call the Thames Water phone number above for advice.

Not on your property
If you spot a leak or burst pipe in a public place, please contact Thames Water to inform them.

If you see a sewage leak please contact Thames Water immediately.

About Thames Water

Thames Water is the UK’s largest water supplier and waste water management company, serving 27% of the UK’s population.
Its service covers a large area of the UK, including large areas of Greater London, the Thames Valley, Gloucestershire, Surrey, Kent and Wiltshire.

Becoming a customer

Residents in England and Wales can’t currently choose their Water company, and their household’s water supply and water waste management company is determined based on location.
If you live in the Thames Water catchment area, you will automatically become a Thames Water customer.


Before the 1973 Water Act, different aspects of water management in England and Wales were controlled by numerous companies.
The 1973 Water Act grouped together the various bodies according to their location, leading to the formation of ten Regional Water Authorities.


The Thames Water Authority was privatised in 1989, and become known as Thames Water Utilities Limited.
In 1995, Thames Water began a period of international expansion, becoming the third-largest water company in the world.
It was acquired by the RWE group in 2001, before being acquired by Kemble Water Limited in 2006.

Postal address

Thames Water
PO Box 286
SN38 2RA

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