What is the best customer service number for Ticketmaster?

*This website advises that calls to 084 numbers cost 7p/min plus your phone provider’s access charge.

Ticketmaster is both an agent and promoter based in California, USA. The company operates globally, and has merged with or acquired several other similar companies, including the UK-native ‘getmein.com’ in 2010.

Ticketmaster has been in operation since the mid 1970s, and today is a world-famous specialist in gig and event ticket sales, as well as venue and event promotion and marketing.

How to contact Ticketmaster

Ticketmaster has an excellent customer service telephone line, which operates for over 15 hours per day, every day. From Monday to Sunday, the Ticketmaster customer service number opens at 8:30AM and doesn’t close until 11:30PM. Bear in mind that this doesn’t apply to public or national holidays, and for specific events which require a large amount of service support there may be dedicated lines set up which will have different opening hours. For most enquiries however, the Ticketmaster phone number above is a very effective option when you need to call Ticketmaster.

Things to remember

Be Prepared

Ensure that when you contact Ticketmaster you have all the information related to your enquiry, which means that if you booked via the internet you have your order number and confirmation on hand, as well as details of when the event you’re attending is, and when. The more detail you have to give to your Ticketmaster customer services operative, the more effectively they can assist you.

Listen Closely

There may be a short wait while you are connected to a customer service operative, and you should avoid hanging up or you may lose your place in the queue. It’s also worth keeping in mind that there will be a voice messaging system. Listening to the options when you call the Ticketmaster contact number and following their instructions will help save time and answer your query as quickly as possible.


When should I contact Ticketmaster’s customer service line?

There are many instances when you should call the Ticketmaster helpline. This might include altering the ticket details you’ve already submitted, or changing your address. You can also request a refund, place orders, or ask for extra information on your account or purchases.

I want to cancel my tickets and get a refund?

It’s only possible to get a full refund for your tickets if the event that you’re attending has been cancelled by the organiser, otherwise they are non-refundable. There are other options though, including a website for reselling tickets that’s operated by Ticketmaster. This can be a way of recouping the expense of the tickets in the case that you are unable to attend the event.

I don’t have my tickets – where are they?

This is a common question, but it can often take longer than many people expect. You will receive your ticket at least 5 days before the event that you’ve purchased it for. If it’s closer to the event than five days and you have still yet to receive your tickets, it may be time to contact support at the Ticketmaster number above.

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