Asda is open Monday through Sunday 7:00am – 11:00pm.

What is the best customer service number for Asda?

*This website advises that calls to 084 numbers cost 7p/min plus your phone provider’s access charge.

Asda is one of the UK’s largest supermarket chains. They sell groceries and food items, consumer goods – from gym and sporting equipment to domestic appliances – and electronic devices such as mobile phones and flatscreen TVs. They also sell clothing and home furnishings through their George label, and offer money advice, credit services and insurance services.

They operate a large number of stores throughout the UK, and much of their stock can also be bought through their website. They operate a home delivery service for groceries, which can be ordered online through their website or through a mobile app.

Asda customer service can help you with:

• a summary of your enquiry
• your name and address
• your account number
• your phone or mobile phone number
• your email address, if you ordered any of the items online
• any other pertinent information such as a receipt number, the date that you bought an item, or an order number.

When you call the Asda customer service number, you will be put through to an automated call handling system. This will take you through a series of questions to make sure you are put through to the correct department. When you are finished, the system will put you directly through to an Asda customer services representative, who will be able to help you with your enquiry.

Please remember that the customer service representatives are there to help you, and return their courtesy in kind. If the customer service representative you speak to is not able to help you with your enquiry, please ask to speak to their manager, who will be able to help you escalate it and have your issue sorted out to your satisfaction.

Asda FAQs

How can I get a refund for an online order?

If you would like to request a refund for something you ordered online, you will need to log in to your online account. Go to the ‘Your Orders’ page, choose the relevant order from the list and click the ‘Request Refund’ link. You will need to pick the relevant item(s) you would like to request a refund for and provide details on why you would like to request a refund.

They recommend requesting a refund as soon as you notice a problem that you believe you should be refunded for. If you notice the problem after a certain number of days, you may need to contact the Asda phone number above to speak with the customer service team over the phone and request a refund, rather than using your online account.

Once you have requested a refund, you should receive the credit in your account within a matter of days. If there is any problem with your refund request or you are not eligible for a refund, they may contact you instead.

What is the ‘Asda Price Guarantee’ and how can I use it?

The ‘Asda Price Guarantee’ is a promise made by the company that shopping at one of their stores will be at least 10% cheaper than many competing supermarkets, including Morrisons, Sainsbury’s, Tesco and Waitrose.

You can compare the price of your most recent shop by visiting their Price Guarantee Website. On the website, you can either sign in to your online account to compare prices of items from a recent online order, or enter the relevant information from your in-store receipt to bring up a list of items eligible for price comparison.

Providing you have bought the minimum number of items needed and at least one of the items is ‘comparable’ according to their system, you will be able to use the website to compare prices of the same items at other supermarkets. If Asda is not as cheap as their Price Guarantee promises, you should be granted a voucher to use on your next Asda shop.

My delivery hasn’t arrived – what should I do?

If your delivery hasn’t arrived when you expected it to, they ask you to check a few details before contacting them. First, make sure that the time slot that you expected to receive your delivery has passed.

Next, check that you have received a confirmation email from the company, confirming your delivery details. Finally, see if you have received an email or text with any updates or changes to your order’s delivery.

If all of the above information still indicates that your delivery has not arrived on time, contact Asda at the customer service number on this page to report the problem. You may need your order reference number to hand.

Why has my Asda order been cancelled?

Your order may have been cancelled due to a problem with payment. If your order has been cancelled, you should check if your credit or debit card has expired. Alternatively, there may not be enough credit on your card or payment method to pay the full amount of your order.

If your payment method has not expired and has an appropriate amount of credit, you should contact the Asda helpline to find out why your order was cancelled. If you would like to attempt to make the same order again, you may be able to do so by logging in to your account, finding the relevant order in your order list, clicking ‘Add Order To Trolley’ and confirming the order.

You should also make sure that your account has your up-to-date contact details, in case they need to inform you of cancellations in the future.

I don’t want to receive substitutions if one of my items is unavailable – how can I inform Asda?

If you would prefer not to receive an alternative product if one of your items is not in stock, you can inform them by updating your online account preferences. Simply log in to your online account and click on the ‘Your Preferences’ link under the ‘Your Account’ tab.

You should see two options about substitutions; ‘Yes’ and ‘No’. Click ‘No’ if you would not like to receive substitutions and click ‘Yes’ if you would like to receive substitutions. If you require additional assistance call the Asda number on this page.

How can I retrieve the password for my online Asda account?

If you lose the password for your online account, simply go to the online log in page and click the ‘Forgotten Password’ link. Enter the relevant details, such as your email address or postcode, and then follow the onscreen instructions to retrieve your password.

I’m trying to make an online order – why can’t I check out?

You may not be able to check out online if the credit or debit card attached to your account has expired. Try checking the details of your payment method, delete any expired cards and make sure you have a valid payment method in place.

Alternatively, may need to delete any cookies on your device or clear your cache. This can often be done in the advanced settings of your internet browser. On some devices, you may also need to turn off the ‘Private Browsing’ option in your settings.

If you still cannot check out after following the above advice, call the Asda contact number above to report the problem.

About Asda

Asda is a subsidiary of the American WalMart corporation, who acquired the chain in 1999. It was founded under the name Queens by a family of Butchers named Asquith in the 1920s. A generation later, a merger with Associated Dairies changed the brand’s name to Asda.

The chain grew rapidly in the 1970s, but the 1980s saw a period of decline, despite acquisition of the clothing brand and various business strategy changes. After the purchase by Walmart at the turn of the millennium, the brand has both become more streamlined and diversified into a wider range of services, including financial services and insurance.

Postal Address

Asda House
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