ASOS is open Monday through Friday 8:00am – 8.30pm, Saturday 8:00am – 8.30pm, and Closed Sunday.

What is the best customer service number for ASOS?

*This website advises that calls to 084 numbers cost 7p/min plus your phone provider’s access charge.

ASOS offers a dedicated customer service team which has contact numbers of the different departments that you need to contact and operate every day of the week. If you have any questions, concerns about products or your order contacting the customer service team via phone is the primary option available. The website does not readily offer information about an email address, postal address or live chat facility to help with customer inquiries.

The ASOS call center is large and offers dedicated teams that are there to assist with any needs a customer may have. However, the company also has millions of customers which translates into long wait times regardless of the time of day that you call. This is why there have been many complaints about the quality of the customer service being received. It is not currently known if the call center is based in the UK or if it has been outsourced to another country.

Being placed into a virtual phone queue and waiting to talk to a customer service agent is a boring chore. However, their website does have a database of helpful knowledge that could resolve your problem. There is also an informative FAQ section for all of the services and products on offer. As their website is easy to navigate it is easy to find the information that you are looking for.

The issue comes when you have a more complicated or specific problem that you need help with or that you are unable to resolve with the online information. At these times you will need to call the ASOS customer services department to get the rapid resolution that you need.

What Can ASOS Customer Service Help With?

There are a number of problems that the customer service team can help with including:

• When your delivery has been incorrect or incomplete

• You have questions about the delivery times

• You need to change the delivery time you booked

• You provided incorrect delivery details

• You need to obtain a refund or make an exchange

• You need to find out if a product is in stock

• You need to cancel your order

They have dedicated a lot of their time to create their customer service team and this is why they have had a lot of success over the last few years. They have also won awards for their customer service in the past.

About ASOS

ASOS is a British supermarket and has its headquarters in Leeds. However, they were taken over by the American retail giant Walmart in 1999 and is now the second biggest supermarket in the UK.

Aside from the supermarket function, they offer a broad range of products including finance, loans, a clothing range called George and a mobile phone network operating under EE. The marketing efforts of this retailer are focused on a friendly experience and saving money. This is why the offer some of the best customer service when compared with their competitors.

While they are now owned by an American company, the brand still had UK management. In recent years they have also joined several goodwill initiatives and they support 6 of the main charities in the UK. They have also been voted one of the best companies to work for in the UK.

Question: What should I do if the item I receive is faulty?

If there is something wrong with an order you have received from them, you should report it to the company as soon as possible. You may need to have the name and number of the item, your order number and a description of the fault to report it to the company. The easiest way to contact ASOS in the case of a faulty product is by calling the ASOS contact number above or filling in the online ‘Ask A Question’ form on their website.

Question: An item I’ve ordered hasn’t arrived – what next?

First, double check that the item is missing rather than being delivered separately. They will usually send you any details of deliveries via email. You can also check the delivery note of any packages you have received from ASOS – the delivery note should include a list of all the items that are included in the package. If your item is listed on the delivery note but is not in the package, you can report the item as missing to them. To do this, go to their website and fill in the ‘Ask A Question’ form or contact ASOS UK at the phone number on this page. You may need your order number as well as the name and number of the missing item.

Question: What should I do if I received the wrong item from ASOS?

Contact ASOS via their online ‘Ask A Question’ form, filling in the details of both the incorrect item and the item that you expected to receive. You can also call the ASOS customer service number and a representative will help you through the process. As with most queries made about ASOS items, you’ll often need your order number along with the item name and number.

Question: How do I cancel my order?

ASOS orders are usually only available to be cancelled very soon after making the order, often within the hour the order was made. However, in some cases, you may be allowed extra time to cancel your order. To cancel your order or to check if it can be cancelled, go to their website and sign in to your account. Find your latest order and look for the ‘Cancel/View’ link. If there is no option to cancel your order, unfortunately it is too late to do so. If you can see the ‘Cancel’ link, click it and follow the instructions to confirm the cancellation. If you are unable to cancel your order, don’t worry, you can often return the items once they arrive. Call the ASOS phone number if you require further assistance.
Please note: Orders made with iDeal cannot be cancelled.

Question: Can I make an amendment to my order?

No. Orders are very quickly transferred to their warehouse, so it’s not possible to make any amendments. This includes changing the delivery address or delivery option. However, if you realise a mistake soon after making the order, you may be able to cancel the order instead. If you successfully cancel your order, you should then be able to make a new order with the correct information. Keep in mind, if you fail to cancel your order, you can often return it to them once you have received it. In special circumstances customer service may be able to help, call the ASOS number above to determine your options.

Question: Are there any discounts or promotions I can use on ASOS?

Yes. If you are a student, you can get a 10% discount on ASOS with a NUS Extra Card. All you need to do is validate your registered student email address via their website. Keep in mind, the 10% discount does not apply to all items and does not apply to any delivery costs.

ASOS customers can also get discounts using promotion codes. If you have a promotion code, which you may receive via email from them, enter it in the relevant field at the online checkout to apply the discount or promotion.

Question: How can I pay for my ASOS order?

All payments to ASOS must be made online. The options include American Express, Apple Pay, Delta, iDeal, Maestro, MasterCard, PayPal, Visa, Visa Dankort and Visa Electron. Remember, some of the payment types are not available in every country. If the payment option is available to you, it should appear as an option at checkout. ASOS customers can also pay for their purchases with ASOS Gift Cards or Vouchers too, but you may need to add the voucher to your account before beginning an order. Once you have added the voucher, the credit should be applied to your account and appear as a payment option at checkout.

Question: How can I return something I ordered from ASOS?

They have a very generous and easy return and exchange policy. UK customers can return or exchange items free of charge within the amount of time stated on their website. Of course, if you would like to exchange an item for a more expensive item, you may be charged for the excess.

Return method options include dropping the items off at a Collection+, Doddle, Hermes Parcel, Pass My Parcel, toyou/ASDA or Royal Mail location, or organising a collection with a Hermes courier.

It’s very important to fill in the returns note, including whether you would like a refund or exchange, and pack this with the items that you send back to the company. Without a completed returns/exchange note, you are unlikely to be able to receive a return, exchange or refund. It’s also important to pack the items carefully – if the returned items are deemed as ‘unsuitable’ by ASOS, you may not be entitled to a refund or exchange. Call ASOS UK contact number if you have additional queries.

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