Aviva is open Monday through Friday 8:00am – 8.00pm, Saturday 8:30am – 5.00pm, and Sunday 10:00am – 4.00pm.

What is the best customer service number for Aviva?

*This website advises that calls to 084 numbers cost 7p/min plus your phone provider’s access charge.

Why Contact Aviva Customer Service?

  • To request an insurance quote
  • To buy insurance with Aviva
  • To ask a question about an Aviva insurance policy
  • To make an insurance claim
  • To renew an insurance policy or cover
  • To cancel an insurance policy or cover
  • To add another name to an insurance policy
  • To change the contact details on an Aviva account
  • To inform Aviva of changes that could affect a policy’s validity
  • To update the details of a business using Aviva Business Insurance

Please note: When requesting an insurance quote or policy from the company, customers may need some personal paperwork to hand. For example, you may need details of your previous insurer, insurance policy, your contact details, and details of your bank account or another method of payment to hand before you call the Aviva contact number.

If you would like to make a car insurance claim after an accident, you may need the insurance details of any other drivers who were involved to hand before calling the Aviva car insurance contact number.

If you would like to cancel an insurance policy, make sure to check the terms and conditions of your policy. In some cases, you could be charged a fee for cancelling your policy early, especially if you have made a claim in the time that your have had the policy with them.

If you have additional queries call the Aviva car insurance number and a customer services specialist will be able to help.

About Aviva

Aviva is a UK-based insurance company providing a variety of insurance solutions.

The company currently offers boiler cover, buildings insurance, business insurance, business vehicle insurance, breakdown cover, car insurance, contents insurance, critical insurance cover, free parent life cover, health insurance, income protection insurance, landlord insurance, life cover, life insurance, multi-car insurance, pet insurance, personal accident insurance, van insurance and 50+ life insurance.

They also provide services for those looking to invest or retire. Customers can receive quotes and buy insurance on both their website or by calling the Aviva customer services team.

According to the company, their history stretches back over 300 years to 1696. Their roots can apparently be traced back to the ‘Hand in Hand Fire and Life Insurance Society’, an insurance company established not long after the Great Fire of London.

However, it wasn’t until the 2000’s that the name ‘Aviva’ was introduced to the company.

Today, they are the largest insurance company in the UK, providing insurance to more than 30 million customers around the world. In Europe, they also made their mark as a leading provider of general insurance and life insurance.

The company also operates in a number of other places around the world, including America, Canada and Asia.

Currently, they are a constituent on the Financial Times Stock Exchange 100 Index and also holds a primary listing on the London Stock Exchange. There are approximately 30 million employees working at the company, and their revenue reportedly reached over £55 million in 2016.

Aviva FAQs

Can I cancel my Aviva policy online?

No. To cancel any insurance policy with the company, customers will need to call the Aviva insurance contact number.

How can I get an online ‘MyAviva’ account?

The ‘MyAviva’ online account can be used to manage a number of policies, including home, life, motor, pet, personal accident, private health and travel insurance. However, it is only available to existing customers. Once you register for a policy with them, you should be sent confirmation of your policy along with an ‘Activation Code’.

After you have received your Activation Code, go their website, click the ‘Log In’ link, then click the ‘Register’ link and enter the code into the relevant field. Next, follow the onscreen instructions to complete registration for your account, including creating a secure password for your account.

If you have not received an Activation Code, don’t worry, you can still create an account on their Registration page.

Once you have created an account, you should be able to log in online and access all of your insurance policy documents, along with a number of functions associated with each one.

You can also download the ‘MyAviva App’ to manage your policies on your smartphone.

For further assistance please call Aviva.

What is Aviva ‘Live Chat’ and how can I use it?

Aviva ‘Live Chat’ is a customer support tool available on their website. Existing customers can use the Live Chat tool to get advice from a customer service representative online.

To use Live Chat, log in to your online account, click the ‘Profile’ link and then click the ‘Chat Now’ link.

Please note: Live Chat is not a 24/7 service and customers are limited to using the tool during their working hours.

How can I get proof of my No Claims Discount with Aviva?

You may need proof of your No Claims Discount with them if you would like to transfer from them to another insurer. Proof of your No Claims can usually be found on your invitation to renew your policy letter or on your policy cancellation letter.

Do I need to prove my years of No Claims Discount with a previous insurer?

Possibly. If you are signing up for a new insurance policy with the company, you may need proof of your previous years of No Claims Discount. You should be able to find proof of your No Claims on the letter of invitation to renew your policy or your cancellation confirmation letter from your previous insurer. Keep in mind, they may only accept a letter under the name of the main driver taking out a new insurance policy.

The letter may also need to be on official company headed paper and show the details of your vehicle, years of No Claims Discount and policy expiration.

Can I change the vehicle on my car insurance policy?

Yes. However, the cost of your insurance may change when you do so.

Log in to your online account and click the ‘Your Policies’ link. Click the ‘Details’ link next to the relevant policy, go to ‘Amend My Policy’ and then click the ‘Vehicle Details’ link. On the following page, you should be given the option to ‘Replace This Vehicle’. You will need some information about your new vehicle to hand. Including the make, model and registration plate of the vehicle. Once you have entered all requested information about your new vehicle, you should be given a new quote – accept the quote to complete the vehicle change on your policy.

Am I covered to drive abroad with my Aviva car insurance policy?

Possibly. Most of their car insurance policies include ‘Third Party Cover’ in many European countries – this means they should cover the damage you do to other drivers’ vehicles, but not to your own vehicle.

Car insurance policy holders with ‘Comprehensive Cover’ may be able to request extra cover for driving abroad, also known as ‘Foreign Use’. If you already have comprehensive cover, you can add ‘Foreign Use’ via your online account. Simply log in online, go to ‘Your Policies’, then ‘Details’ , ‘Amend My Policy’ and then ‘Excesses and Additional Covers’. Here, you should be able to select ‘Foreign Use’ additional cover.

Will I be charged admin fees to make a change to my policy?

Most changes to their policies do not have any admin fees, including changing the personal or contact details on your account. However, you may be charged other fees in line with the insurance policy terms and conditions that you agreed to.

You can call the Aviva life insurance contact number for any other inquiries.

Can I change the address on my Aviva Home Insurance policy?

Yes. In most cases, you should be able to change the address on your Home Insurance policy by logging in to your account. However, in some cases, you may need to call the Aviva phone number to request that the address on your policy is changed. Keep in mind, some address changes may mean that there is a change to the price of your policy.

Does Aviva Home Insurance cover moving house?

Possibly. Their Home Insurance may cover your belongings while you are moving house if the move is carried out by professional removers. However, these belongings must be covered in an existing policy with them already. Keep in mind, there are also certain belongings and valuables which may not be covered in your policy.

Please check your insurance policy documents or contact the Aviva customer service team to find out if your belongings are covered.

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