Barclays is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

What is the best customer service number for Barclays?

*This website advises that calls to 084 numbers cost 7p/min plus your phone provider’s access charge.

You can contact Barclays bank customer service by phone for all of your customer concerns and to use Barclays telephone banking. Their current account customer service landlines are in operation twenty four hours for an automated service, but if you prefer to speak to a human then you will need to respect their operational call center hours, which are available each day of the week (weekends included) from seven in the morning to eleven at night.

The Barclays bank customer services phone department can help you figure out all of your questions and assist you in resolving any problems you are having with your account or credit card. Calling Barclays number by phone is the quickest way to get answers to your questions, although some people prefer to lodge formal complaints via sending them a letter.

Why contact Barclays customer services?

• Quickly and easily check your latest bank balance
• Pay any bills
• Make a money transfer to friends or family
• Cancel your card
• Update address details
• Obtain advice about Barclays financial service
• Ask any general questions you might have

They also provide existing customers with the possibility to do limited online banking functions via their free mobile app, which one set up can be logged into using touch id or a passcode. If you need help getting their app setup simply call the Barclays contact number above.

About Barclays Bank

Barclays Bank is a multinational financial services and banking corporation, with headquarters in London. The company is a worldwide bank, operating in various market sectors including retails, investment banking and also, wealth and asset management. They currently operate in over 50 countries across the world and have approximately 48 million customers.

With over 325 years of banking experience, they are one of the oldest banks around. Various modifications and modernizations have been made to its services and products over recent years, which has allowed it to hold onto its status as one of the more popular and accessible banks in the UK.

Overall, Barclays customers are satisfied with the service they receive and whilst it has not won any awards recently for the standard of customer care, it has received fewer complaints than several of its competitors.

Calling Barclays Customer Service Number

• Speed up the identification process by making sure you have all of your banking and account details on hand before dialing Barclays phone number.

Answers to Common Barclays Support Questions

Below are answers to common questions with answers that we have found for you from across the internet. Our goal is to bring these common questions together in one place so you can find answers faster. We are in no way connected to or represent Barclays. All information has been publically sourced from the internet and we cannot guarantee the accuracy of information.

What are IBAN and SWIFT codes, and how can I find out what mine is?

An IBAN code is a kind of reference number that you can use to receive or make international payments. Your IBAN code should be available on your bank statements, both online or by letter. They also provide an online service on their International Payments page to find out your IBAN code.

A SWIFT code is a similar kind of reference number to an IBAN code. It is used by overseas banks to confirm exactly which UK bank they need to make a payment to. The Barclays SWIFT code is the same for all of their UK bank accounts. You can find their SWIFT code easily by searching their website or contacting their customer service team.

What should I do if my Barclays bank card is lost or stolen?

If your Barclays credit or debit card is lost or stolen, you should contact them as soon as possible to let them know. You can report a lost or stolen card on the their banking app, through your online banking account, over the phone or in person at your nearest branch. Once you have reported it, they may cancel your card and send you a new one. For customers who lost their card abroad, their emergency cash service may be able to help until you return home.

There’s a payment I don’t recognise on my bank statement – what should I do?

Firstly, you should check that the transaction is definitely not one that you have made. A few common reasons for unrecognisable transactions are: someone else on a joint account made the transaction, the company you bought from has a different trading name, a free trial that you signed up for has become a paid service, or the transaction is higher than expected due to overseas charges. If the transaction is not due to any of the reasons, as well as the other suggestions made on their website, you should contact Barclays to raise a dispute. If you suspect the transaction is one that you haven’t made, it’s best to report this as soon as you can, as disputes can take long periods of time.

How can I find out the opening times and contact details of my local Barclay’s branch?

Their website provides a ‘Branch Locator’ function to find out details about any branch. You can enter an address into the Branch Locator search engine and you may be provided with a list of the nearest branches, as well as the addresses, opening times and phone numbers of these branches.

Where can I find my Barclays sort code and account number?

You can find both of these numbers on your Barclays debit card. Your sort code is the 6-digit number at the bottom of your card, it may have two dashes in it. Your account number is also at the bottom of your debit card, just to the right of your sort code. You can also find these numbers on your mobile banking account home page, your online banking account and your bank statements – in most cases, the numbers may be at the top of the page, under your account name.

How can I sign up for Barclays Mobile Banking App?

Firstly, you may need to download their mobile Banking App from the App Store on you mobile. Next you may need to register your account by entering your account number and sort code on the app. Then you may need to confirm that you are the registered bank account holder by using a PINsentry reader at one of their cash machines or branches.

I’ve lost the PIN number for my debit card, how can I get a reminder?

You can receive a reminder of your PIN number through your online banking account. Find the service titled ‘view my debit card PIN’ in your account’s navigation, then follow the instructions to receive your PIN. You may often need your mobile phone to hand as their verification is often done through text.

Is it possible to send money abroad from my Barclays bank account?

Yes! You may need a few details about the bank account holder you are sending money to, including their full name, bank address, IBAN number and SWIFT code. You can then make a payment to the bank account via your online banking account, over the phone or at a branch. In some cases, you can also transfer money abroad through the Pingit app.

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