DHL is open Monday through Sunday 7:30am – 8:00pm.

What is the best customer service number for DHL?

*This website advises that calls to 084 numbers cost 7p/min plus your phone provider’s access charge.

Contacting DHL Customer Services

DHL serves customers with shipping and courier needs all across the globe. Anyone who contacts the company’s customer service line is well advised to tell the representative a very important bit of information. The caller has to note whether he/she is a shipper or the person receiving the shipment. The shipper may have concerns that are different from the person waiting for a package. Properly identifying oneself to the customer care representative helps narrow down the call making it easier for the customer care representative to handle matters.

Anyone expecting a shipping and is confused over the status of delivery should have the tracking number available. Without a tracking number, it would be impossible for a customer service representative to properly advise on the delivery.

Those who use the company for shipping and maintain an existing account should have their account number of personal identifying information available. As is the case with tracking numbers, such information makes the call a lot easier to service.

Why Should I call DHL Customer Service UK?

The reason for calling the DHL phone number any manifold. The company handles everything from express service delivery to freight transportation. Common reasons for contacting customer service include paying an invoice, setting up a redelivery on a letter or package, booking a courier collection, or dealing with security issues related to online access.

Regardless of the reason for the call, anyone who places a call to the DHL contact number should remain calm, speak distinctly, and avoid meandering. Doing so ensures the call goes well. Always do what is possible to assist the customer care representative with doing a solid job.

DHL FAQ: A Few Common Customer Questions

Common frequently asked questions of the service include:

Where exactly is my shipment?

Shippers can check the status of their shipment at anytime by calling the DHL number listed above and requesting tracking

What particular items are banned from shipping from DHL?

Due to security and safety reasons they have banned certain items from being shipped including antiques, firearms, hazardous goods, e-cigarettes, furs, human or biological samples, illegal goods, live animals tobacco and more. If you believe your item may have issues contact DHL at the number listed above.

Are the time delivery guarantees on DHL service truly legitimate?

Yes, they offer a few different shipment options with guarantees. They offer a money back guarantee for any items delivered late due to a delay in shipping.

What paperwork is required to send a shipment with DHL?

If you are sending a shipment outside of the EU, you will likely have to attach Customs paperwork. This can be found on their website, where you can download and print the relevant forms. If you are sending a shipment within the EU or a shipment that is only documents, you may not need to fill in the Customs paperwork.

How can I find out where my DHL shipment is?

To find out where your shipment is, go to the ‘Tracking’ page on their website. Enter the tracking number given on your receipt of shipping confirmation and submit the number. On the next page, you should be given information on the last known location of your shipment, such as a checkpoint or destination. If you believe your shipment is late or lost call the DHL customer service number on this page.

Please note: Your tracking reference is usually ten digits long and may be labelled as ‘Waybill Number’.

Why does my tracking information show that my shipment is in the wrong town/city?

Your shipment may have to go through other towns or cities to reach its destination. Alternatively, the tracking information may show the Service Area of the team managing your shipment’s delivery, rather than the exact location of your shipment.

How can I arrange a redelivery of a DHL shipment?

If there has been an attempt to deliver a shipment to your address while you were out, a card should have been left with information on how to organise redeliveries. You will need to call the DHL telephone number on the card and arrange a time that you will be available to receive the shipment.

Keep in mind, you may need to have both the Waybill Number and the Service Centre Code to hand to be able to arrange a redelivery.

Please note: The Waybill Number should be ten-digit number and the Service Centre Code should be four digits.

Why have I been charged duties and taxes for an online purchase?

As the buyer, you may be liable for customs charges for items ordered from outside of the country. In many cases, online sellers do not include the customs charges in the price of goods.

Upon passing through customs, they will usually pay the duty and tax fees for you – this makes sure your shipment reaches you as soon as possible.

Please note: You will need to repay these costs to the company in order to receive your shipment. Call the DHL UK contact number if you require additional assistance.

How can I pay for DHL shipments?

If you regularly ship items internationally, they recommend applying for a ‘DHL Express’ account which should allow you to pay for shipments monthly. Alternatively, you can pay in person at their branch near you or at a retailer, such as certain Ryman, Staples and WHSmith branches. You can also pay for shipments online using PayPal or credit/debit cards. Contact DHL UK to find the nearest location.

What items can’t be sent via DHL services?

To find out which items cannot be shipped with the company, visit their website and go to the ‘Prohibited and Restricted Commodities’ page. A few items they commonly rejected include alcohol, cash, valuable antiques, firearms, furs and Lithium batteries. You can also call the DHL phone number UK on this page.

What happens if my shipment does not arrive on time?

Many of their shipments come with guaranteed times of delivery, also known as ‘Time Definite Delivery Guarantees’. If your shipment doesn’t arrive in the time that it was guaranteed to, you should contact the DHL customer service team by telephone to request a refund.

Most shipments with a Time Definite Delivery Guarantee offer a money-back guarantee, however, there are restrictions which apply in certain circumstances.

What should I do if my shipment was lost or damaged?

If your shipment has not arrived, they recommend contacting the customer service team with a detailed description of your shipped item and its packaging. They will usually do their best to locate the lost item and return it to the correct destination.

However, if they cannot find your lost shipment, you may be able to make a claim. Customers can make claims for lost or damaged shipments by calling the DHL team within the required amount of time needed to make a claim. Call the DHL contact number UK to start the claim process.

Keep in mind, many items are lost due to the shipment address details falling off the package, and many items are damaged due to poor packaging. They provide information on labelling, addressing and packaging shipments to avoid loss or damage on their website.

Why am I being charged for Duty and VAT?

If you ordered something from outside the EU, you may receive a ‘Customs Duty and VAT Invoice’. This is not unusual, items shipped from outside the EU always have to be declared via HM Revenue & Customs.

As the recipient of the item and the bill, it is your responsibility to make sure the invoice is paid for. You can pay your Duty and VAT bill on the ‘ePayment’ page of their website or, if you are an account holder, via the ‘eBilling Portal’. Keep in mind, you may need to have your Waybill Number, Invoice Number and/or Account Number to hand.

About DHL

They are a huge courier and delivery service with a massive presence across the globe. The company has a foothold in 220 countries. The company employs well over 300,000 people throughout its many locations. Interestingly, the company’s mission statement reflects it wants to be a “logistics company for the world” reflecting a strong commitment to customers and partners. They definitely has a worldwide presence. The unique green initiatives the company supports helps establish a global community feel.

Corporate Address

DHL Express, Orbital Park, 178-188 Great South West Road, Hounslow, TW4 6JS

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