Direct Line is open Monday through Friday 8:00am – 8:00pm, Saturday 9:00am – 5:00pm and Closed Sunday.

What is the best customer service number for Direct Line?

*This website advises that calls to 084 numbers cost 7p/min plus your phone provider’s access charge.

Why Contact Direct Line Customer Service?

  • To request an insurance quote, such as for business, car, home, landlord, life, pet or travel insurance.
  • To request a quote for breakdown cover
  • To make an insurance claim
  • To make a query about an insurance policy
  • To update the contact details on an insurance policy
  • To change the payment details for an insurance policy
  • To change the address on a home insurance policy
  • To change the vehicle on a car insurance policy
  • To add a driver to a car insurance policy
  • To add specific belongings or items to a home insurance policy
  • To inform Direct Line of changes that may affect the validity of an insurance policy
  • To make a query about a No Claims Bonus
  • To renew an insurance policy
  • To cancel an insurance policy

Please note: To request an insurance quote, you may need a number of personal details to hand, including contact and payment details when calling the Direct Line contact number.

In some cases, you may need to provide details of a previous insurer or insurance policy. For example, you may need to provide proof of your No Claims Bonus from a previous insurer in order for it to be transferred to your Direct Line Car Insurance policy.

About Direct Line

Direct Line is an insurance company specialising in home and car insurance. The company also provides a variety of other types of insurance, including breakdown cover, business insurance, landlord insurance, life insurance, pet insurance, travel insurance and van insurance.

These services and policies are available to customers exclusively online and by calling the Direct Line phone number, rather than in-store.

They started out in 1985 in the insurance division of the Royal Bank of Scotland Group. At the time, the company solely sold car insurance over the phone, and it was the only company of its kind to conduct business by telephone only via the Direct Line Car Insurance number.

Back then, there was only one branch, a call centre in Croydon, and a mere 63 staff members. Since then, the company has grown to be the leading car insurer in the UK with a variety of other insurance solutions on offer, now available both online and over the phone.

They reportedly sell a policy every 10 seconds and has more than 10 million customers. Furthermore, the company has operated independently since 2012, no longer operating as part of the insurance division of the Royal Bank of Scotland Group.

Today, they are a subsidiary of Direct Line Insurance Group, a UK-owned insurance company that also owns Churchill and Green Flag.

If you have additional queries call the Direct Line car insurance contact number to speak with customer service.

Commonly asked Support Questions about Direct Line

How can I claim on my Pet Insurance?

You can make a claim on your Direct Line Pet Insurance online, by email, by post or over the phone.

To make a claim online, go to their website, click the ‘Make A Claim’ link and then click the ‘Pet’ button. On the Pet Insurance Claim page, choose the option to submit a claim online. Fill in all of the details in the online form, including your pet’s name, your contact details and your policy number, and submit the form.

To make a claim via email or post, start by following the above steps to reach the Pet Insurance Claim page. Instead of clicking ‘Claim Online’, click the ‘Download Form’ link under the ‘On Paper’ option. Print out and fill in the form, and then send the form to the email address or postal address quoted on the form.

To make a claim over the phone, simply get in contact with the Direct Line customer services team.

Once you have made a claim on your Pet Insurance, they will usually get in touch with your vet directly. In many cases, they will even organise to make payments directly to your vet.

I need to change the personal details on my policy – what should I do?

If you need to change any of the details on your Direct Line policy, you should call the Direct Line number. There are some personal detail updates which you will be legally obligated to inform them about – to find out what details you need to update, read the ‘Customer Information’ edition in your policy documents.

Can I add a second car to my Car Insurance policy temporarily?

Yes. At the time of writing, a temporary vehicle can be added to your existing policy for up to 30 days at a time for a total of 90 days per year. However, keep in mind, temporary insurance may not necessarily cover all events, such as fire or theft. Their website recommends customers consider a separate insurance policy for temporary vehicles.

Do I need to add a tracker to my vehicle to be covered by Direct Line insurance?

Possibly. Some vehicles require a tracker to be fitted to them before they can be covered by the company. If your vehicle requires a tracking device, you should be informed of this when you receive your quote.

Are bicycles covered by Contents Insurance?

Yes. Bicycles are covered by Direct Line Contents Insurance while they are in the boundaries of your home. However, bicycles may not be covered by standard Contents Insurance if they are kept anywhere outside of your home, such as the garden. To receive cover on a bicycle that is kept outside of the house, you will need to purchase Unspecified Personal Possessions Cover for your bicycles.

Am I eligible for Multi-Car Discount if I’m registered as a driver at two different addresses?

Yes. You are eligible for Direct Line Multi-Car Discount if you are registered as a driver for more than one car, even if the policies for the cars are registered at different addresses.

For further inquiries you can simply call Direct Line car insurance phone number.

Who counts as my ‘spouse’ on an insurance policy?

If you would like to include your spouse on an insurance policy, you must either be legally married or part of an official Civil Partnership. Furthermore, the two of you must reside at the same address. In some cases, the word ‘spouse’ may be replaced with the word ‘partner’ – both words often have the same meaning in their policies.

Does Direct Line Travel Insurance cover riots and unrest?

Possibly. If your trip is delayed due to riots or unrest in your destination of travel, your travel insurance will not usually cover this.

If your trip is delayed due to riots or unrest in the UK – whether there is disruption at the port you are travelling from or damage to your home – you may be covered by your travel insurance policy. However, they look at each case individually and may turn down a travel insurance claim made due to riots or unrest.

Where does Direct Line get my credit score from?

At the time of writing, they retrieve your credit score from Experian, an approved supplier of financial information in the UK.

Can I pay my insurance policy in instalments?

Possibly. Many of their insurance policies are available to be paid in instalments. However, you may have to meet certain criteria to be eligible.

My address isn’t recognised by Direct Line’s online system – how can I get a quote?

They update the addresses in their online system every six months and should be able to recognise most addresses in the UK. First, make sure that you have entered all of the information correctly, including the house name/number and the postcode. If your address is still not recognised by the online system, you should contact Direct Line by telephone to receive a quote.

Can I get help finding a water leak in my home?

Yes. If you have a Direct Line Home Insurance policy, you may be covered for finding the source of the leak. The cover is known as ‘Trace and Access Cover’ and you could be insured for up to £5,000 or £10,000, depending on the type of home insurance you have.

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