Esure is open Monday through Friday 8:00am – 7:00pm and Saturday 9:00am – 5:00pm.

What is the best customer service number for Esure?

*This website advises that calls to 084 numbers cost 7p/min plus your phone provider’s access charge.

Esure is a telephone and internet based company, who offer insurance packages for cars and motorbikes, as well as other vehicles, and cover for things like home contents and insurance for travelling abroad and domestically. If you have questions about your account call the Esure contact number above.

The company was formed in 2000 in Surrey, England, by Peter Wood, who also founded the well known Direct Line insurance company.

They tend to focus on finding customers who aren’t as risky as others – this is why they have high no claims bonuses and offer great discounts to customers who are considered safer than normal.

Today, they are one of the country’s largest insurance providers, trading on the London Stock Exchange and with a revenue of well over £650 million pounds per year.

How to Contact Esure Customer Services

Esure is an insurance provider and as such is ready for customer enquiries every day of the week. For weekdays, from Monday to Friday, the customer service telephone line opens at 8:00AM and closes at 8:00PM, ensuring that you are able to contact them well into the evening. On Saturday, the hours of operation are slightly reduced, from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM. This doesn’t include national and bank holidays, when lines may not be operational or timings may be affected.

Things to Remember When Calling the Esure Phone Number

If you are contacting them to discuss your account, your coverage, or a claim, make sure that you have all the information you need with you. This means things like details about your account, prior correspondence, and any reference numbers if available. If you are calling about motor insurance, it’s best to have your vehicles registration and certificate of insurance to hand.

As with many other companies, they operate an automated telephone line in the first instance, so it’s important to listen carefully and direct your enquiry to the right department, Follow the instructions closely to ensure your call is efficient and effective.

Esure FAQ

Can I make a change to my insurance policy over the phone?

Yes, it is possible to change your policy, add and remove drivers, or change your type of cover over the phone. To do this you should gather as much detail and documents as you can about your cover, call the Esure car insurance contact number and follow the steps to get an accurate quotation for your insurance product.

Can I cancel my cover over the phone?

Yes you can, although the amount of money you will receive as a refund varies depending on how long it’s been since you bought it. It’s possible that you will receive a partial refund if you have already had your cover for a period exceeding two weeks (14 days).

If it is before this period has ended, you will be able to receive a full refund. Call the Esure car insurance phone number above and ask the agent if you have additional queries.

Can I make changes to my Car Insurance policy after it has started?

Possibly. Many changes can be made online using their ‘Online Form’. However, some changes can only be made over the phone. If you cannot enter the details you would like to change on the Online Form, contact the customer service team by calling the Esure telephone number above.

How can I cancel my Esure Car Insurance policy?

Customers can cancel their policy using the online Esure ‘Cancel Policy’ form or by contacting the Esure customer service team by phone. Keep in mind, you may need some personal information to hand, such as your policy number.

At the time of writing, customers who cancel within the 14-day ‘cooling off’ period should be refunded their premium. However, customers who cancel after the 14-day window may be charged the premium stated in their policy documents. In some cases, you may also be charged certain administration fees.

Please note: If you have had an accident within the time you have held your insurance policy, you may be charged more than expected.

Where can I find proof of my No Claims Discount with Esure?

If you have an invitation to renew letter from the company, your proof of No Claims should be included in this. If you do not have an invitation to renew, you can request proof of No Claims via their online ‘Request Proof of Your No Claim Discount’ form or by contacting the customer service team by calling the Esure number on this page.

Is Esure Car Insurance Automatically renewed?

Sometimes. Where possible, they will attempt to renew your Car Insurance policy and take payment automatically. This limits the risk of customers finding themselves accidentally driving without insurance.

If you have a Direct Debit arranged with them, payment for your renewed policy should automatically be taken. However, if you do not have a Direct Debit or a Continuous Payment Authority Agreement set up, you may have to arrange to renew your policy online or over the phone.

Please note: Usually, they will send its customers a letter when their insurance policy is due for renewal.

What should I do if I find a cheaper Car Insurance quote online?

In some cases, they may be able to match cheaper car insurance quotes. Contact the Esure car insurance number on this page and speak with the customer service team if you have found a cheaper quote online.

I need proof of my No Claims Discount for Esure – what counts?

You will need an official letter from your previous insurer that states the number of years of No Claims Discount you have. If you have a invitation to renew letter from your previous insurer, this may also be considered proof of No Claims Discount, as long as it includes the number of years of No Claims Discount you have.

How can I make a Home Insurance claim?

If you need to make a Home Insurance claim, simply call the Esure team. You may need some details of your policy to hand, such as the named policy holder and the insurance policy number.

How can I cancel my Home Insurance policy?

You can cancel your Home Insurance policy by filling in the online ‘Cancel Policy’ form or by calling the Esure customer service team. Your premium may be refunded if you cancel within the 14-day ‘Cooling Off’ period, providing you haven’t made any claims during this time. If you cancel your Home Insurance policy after the 14-day Cooling Off period, you may be charged for cancelling early.

If you have made any claims during the time you’ve held an insurance policy with them, you may also be charged accordingly.

Keep in mind, all insurance policy cancellations may be subject to administration fees.

Can I change the address on my Home Insurance policy?

Yes. If you move house after you take out a Home Insurance policy with the company, you can change the address on your policy. Keep in mind, you may be subject to different fees or premiums at a new address. You should be informed of any costs and fees before you complete updating your insurance policy.

Electronics covered by my Home Insurance policy have been damaged – will they be repaired or replaced?

Damaged items covered by Esure Home Insurance policy will be assessed on a case by case basis. You may have to have the item assessed by a specialist supplier (provided by Esure) to find out if your electronics can be repaired or replaced under your Esure insurance policy.

What is insured by ‘Buildings Cover’?

Buildings Cover usually covers domestic buildings on your property, such as arbours, conservatories, greenhouses, garages, gazebos and your home itself.

Parts of your garden and the area surrounding your building may also be covered, for example, driveways, fences, footpaths, fuel tanks (domestic), gates, hedges, hot tubs (fixed), patios, stair lifts, swimming pools, tennis courts (hard), terraces, wind turbines (domestic) and walls.

Furthermore, Building Cover may also include underground cables, drains, sewers and service pipes. Keep in mind, there are some exclusions and certain circumstances in which some of the above may not be covered.

To find out what your Building Cover includes, take a look at your policy documents or contact the Esure customer service team.

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