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What is the best customer service number for Expedia?

*This website advises that calls to 084 numbers cost 7p/min plus your phone provider’s access charge.

Expedia is a travel company, founded and based in Washington, USA. The company began life as a subdivision of Microsoft, but today owns and runs a number of travel brands including Expedia itself, Trivago, Hotels.com, and several more. The company operates in over 60 nations worldwide, with a revenue in excess of $5 billion US dollars. You can find the Expedia contact number above for your customer service enquiries.

In the UK, thousands of people use the company to book trips around the world to exotic destinations, as well as to hire cars and get cheap last minute deals. They are a common way for families and individuals to find their annual holidays, or arrange business travel.

How to Contact Expedia Customer Services

They operate a very efficient customer service line, which runs every day of the week from Monday to Sunday and for the entire day. You can call them 24hrs every single day. Note that the Expedia phone number may have different times of operation during national and bank holidays.

Things to Remember When You Call Expedia

They operate an insurance policy known as a Travel Protection Plan. If you’re interested in purchasing extra protection to cover things going wrong with your travel plans, then it’s best to call the Expedia contact number UK and enquire about what plan is available and how to purchase it. You should keep all relevant documents, emails, or confirmations and confirmation numbers relating to your booking when calling the company. This will assist the operator in handling your request.

It is sometimes the case that you need to contact a tour operator, hotel or service directly. In this case, consider whether their customer service department will be able to assist you, or whether you should contact the relevant company directly on an alternative number. This can save you making the same call twice.

Expedia Customer Service FAQ

I was supposed to receive a refund but I haven’t – what should I do?

In many cases, refunds can take up to 10 working days from them when given. If it has been more than ten working days since your enquiry and since they confirmed a refund, then you should contact Expedia and your bank to check that there has been no delay and that the refund is still due to be given.

Can I cancel or change my booking through Expedia UK Customer Service?

In theory, yes you can. By contacting Expedia you should be able to cancel or amend your booking. That said, it is also possible that if the booking is made with a third party, i.e. a hotel or travel company, then you will need to cancel the booking through them.

It is possible in this case that you should contact both the Expedia helpline and the third party to update your booking correctly. If you are unsure of who to contact, then contact the Expedia customer service line first and they will help you confirm whether to contact the third party.

How can I check in for my flight?

Go to the ‘My Trips’ page on their website. After logging in or entering the relevant information about your booking, you should be able to view your airline’s confirmation code. Next, you will have to go to the website of your specific airline carrier and check in using the confirmation code.

Remember, you may not be able to check in until the day before your flight. Once you have checked in online, you may be able to print out your boarding pass, save a digital version to your mobile or pick it up from the airport when you arrive for your flight. Make sure to read all information on your airline carrier’s website to ensure that you check in correctly and have all the required documents for your flight.

Is it possible to cancel my flight?

Yes. Customers should be able to cancel flights booked through their website by logging in to their online account. Once you have logged in to your Expedia account, click ‘Upcoming’, ‘Manage Booking’ and ‘Cancel Flight’ next to the relevant journey. In some cases, flights may be non-refundable or you may be charged a fee for cancelling your flight.

Alternatively, if you cancel your flight a fair amount of time in advance, you may be refunded in part or in full for the cost of your flight. Keep in mind, cancelling a round-trip or a journey made up of more than one flight may entail cancelling each flight individually. Call the Expedia UK contact number and speak with a customer service representative to discuss your options.

Please note: For flights with certain air carriers, customers may need to contact the carrier directly to make a cancellation.

Can I make changes to my flight?

Possibly. You may be able to change your flight, depending on which airline you are flying with and the terms and conditions you agreed to when booking. You can find out whether you can change your flight by reading the terms and conditions included in your booking confirmation email or calling the Expedia telephone number above.

If you are able to make changes to your flight, you should be able to do so on your online account or by calling the Expedia customer service number.

If the change you would like to make is correcting a mistake, such as a misspelt passenger name, you may need to contact Expedia over the phone to request changes to be made.
Please note: Entirely changing the name/identity of the passenger taking the flight is not usually allowed.

How can I cancel a hotel booking made through Expedia?

If you would like to cancel a hotel booking, you should log in to your online account and go to the ‘Upcoming’ page. Next, click ‘Manage Booking’, choose the relevant hotel booking on the following page and click ‘Cancel Room’.

If there is no option to cancel your room online, you will need to contact the Expedia customer service team to make a cancellation. Keep in mind, some hotel’s have deadlines for cancellations – this means you may be charged a percentage of the booking cost or a fee to cancel after the cancellation deadline.

Hotel cancellation charges and fees are not usually requested by the company, they often come directly from the hotel.

Where can I find my hotel booking confirmation?

Your hotel booking confirmation may have been sent to you via email. If you cannot find the confirmation within your email inbox, you can retrieve it from your online Expedia account or by visiting their website.

To retrieve the itinerary from your online account, log in with your username and password, then go to ‘My Trips’ – your hotel booking confirmation should be here. If your confirmation is not here, it may be because bookings sometimes takes a few hours to appear in your account or because you made the booking without logging in online.

To retrieve your confirmation from their website without logging in, go to the ‘Find Your Itinerary’ page on their website. Enter the relevant email address and itinerary number – your hotel booking confirmation should appear on the next page. If you are still experiencing trouble call the Expedia UK phone number above.

How can I change my hotel booking?

Expedia customers can only change hotel bookings if their hotel allows changes. You can find out the terms and conditions of your hotel booking by reading the terms in your booking confirmation email or by calling the Expedia number on this page.

If your hotel allows you to make changes, you should be able to do so by logging in to your online account and going to the ‘Hotel Overview’ link – this can be reached by clicking ‘Upcoming’ in the main menu and then clicking ‘Change’.

In most cases, customers can change their accessibility options, guest names, bed types, smoking preferences and special requests free of charge. However, customers may be charged for changing the type of room, the number of guests and the dates of the booking.

If the hotel you have booked charges guest for making changes, it’s worth making changes as early as possible to avoid higher fees.

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