Halifax is open Monday through Sunday 7:00am – 11:00pm.

What is the best customer service number for Halifax?

*This website advises that calls to 084 numbers cost 7p/min plus your phone provider’s access charge.

Halifax customer service has earned an outstanding reputation, due to the fact that their customer service team is based in the UK and it is usually easier to get in touch with them than other banks. Calling the Halifax number is the easiest way to resolve any banking issues or problems with your card that you are experiencing. The majority of existing Halifax customers have reported being extremely satisfied with the quality of service that they receive and therefore it is amongst the most popular banks in the whole of the UK.

The primary reason one would need to call the Halifax contact number to reach customer care would be to report unauthorized transactions, or losing their card. Although they have an app for online banking, more complex issues are more difficult to solve, so a phone call is required.

When you contact Halifax customer services from the UK or internationally, the wait times are not usually more than around 10 minutes, although this can vary depending on the time of day.

Why call Halifax customer service number?

• To report a lost or stolen card
• Balance enquires
• National or international transfers
• Ordering a new card
• You are having trouble using your card
• Resolve customer issues
• To request an overdraft reversal
• To initiate a change of address

About Halifax Bank

The Halifax bank was initially called Halifax Building Society and it is a popular UK bank, which operates as a division of the Bank of Scotland. They are Britain’s biggest provider for property mortgages as well as savings accounts. They ranked in fifth place of the British Banking Awards in 2016 and it takes its name from the town in Yorkshire where it was founded.

It is a highly popular bank amongst working people, due to the excellent saving plans that it offers and since it was founded, the bank has continued to go from strength to strength with regards to service and expansion. They have several branches in all of the major towns and cities in the UK and due to firm competition, the queues are not usually very long.

They still maintain a traditional feel to its services, placing a firm focus on customer attention and satisfaction. The infrastructure of the Halifax helpline is well organized, with several different numbers allocated to individual concerns and issues. They do offer clients the option to tweet them for customer service, but this is not a secure or efficient method of contacting them and you are unlikely to receive the precise answers you need to rectify your issue.

Contacting Halifax bank number

  • Be prepared when you call by finding your account number and any other relevant data.
  • Make sure to store your security questions in an easily accessible place to speed up the identification process on the phone.

Common Halifax Bank Customer Services Questions

What should I do if my debit card is lost or stolen?

Contact Halifax Bank to report the card as lost as stolen as soon as possible. You can get in touch over the phone – they should be able to take steps to cancel your card at any time of day or night. Alternatively, if you are registered for their online banking services, you can report the loss or theft online.

How can I set up a standing order?

You may want to set up a standing order for a bill, subscription or another type of regular payment. You can do this over the phone, at a local branch or via online banking. Keep in mind, you should have all of the relevant details of the payee that you would like to set up a standing order to. If you would like to set up a standing order at a local branch, you may also need some form of identification to hand. Call the Halifax phone number above to set this up.

How does Halifax make pre-arranged payments from my account?

A pre-arranged payment could be a standing order, direct debit, cheque or a stand-alone future-dated payment. On the date that you have arranged for a payment to be made, They should attempt to move the money from your account to the account of your payee as early as possible. If your pre-arranged payment is arranged on a weekend or a bank holiday, the payment may be made the next working day.

If there is a problem making a payment from your account in the morning, such as there not being enough credit in your account at the time, they will usually try to make the payment again in the afternoon of the same day. This means that Halifax customers have some time to transfer money to the account that their pre-arranged payment is coming from without having to reorganise their pre-arranged payment.

However, any money moved to the relevant account must be immediately available to be successfully used to make a payment. If you move money into your account that may take a number of days to appear, this cannot be used to make a pre-arranged payment.

Please note: They may take money out of your overdraft to make pre-arranged payments which you could be charged for. Call the Halifax telephone banking number to verify you have enough funds in your account.

How can is stop receiving paper statements?

If you would prefer to receive digital bank statements rather than paper statements, you can request this change online or over the phone. Call the Halifax customer service team to request paper-free statements or change your preferences on your online banking account.

Once you opt out of receiving paper statements, you may be able to view your statements digitally by logging in to your online banking account and viewing or downloading the relevant statement. At the time of writing, Halifax customers can view up to six years-worth of online bank statements.

Please note: Online statements may not be a valid form of ID/address for some companies. If you need a paper bank statement for proof of ID/address, you can request one from the company over the phone or at a local branch.

How can I change the name, address or telephone number on my bank account?

If you would like to change the telephone number associated with your bank account, you can do so via online or their phone banking. If you would like to change your name or address, you may have to visit your local branch in person with a relevant form of ID.

To change your name at a local branch, you may need to print off and fill in the ‘Change Your Name’ form. To change your address, you may need to print off and fill in the ‘Change Of Address’ form. Both of these forms can be found on their website in a PDF format.

How do I order a replacement debit card, PIN number or cheque book?

Replacement debit cards, PIN numbers and cheque books can all be ordered over the phone. Alternatively, debit cards and PIN numbers can be ordered via your online account by filling in the relevant online form. You will usually receive a replacement via post after a few days.

If you haven’t received a replacements after a number of working days, contact the Halifax Bank customer service team to report the problem.

What’s the easiest way to close my Halifax account?

In most cases, you will need to close your bank account in person or by letter. If you choose to close your account in person, visit a local branch with proof of ID. Call the Halifax telephone number above to find the nearest location. If you would like to close your account by post, send a letter to the Account Closure Team with details of your account.

Do Halifax provide joint bank accounts?

Yes. You can apply for a joint bank account by requesting to add another person to an already existing account or by opening a brand new account with both people named as account-holders.

To add another person to your current Halifax bank account, simply sign in to your online bank account and fill in the relevant online form for a joint bank account. If you would like to open a new account for two people, you should fill in the usual form for a new current account as well as the additional page(s) for joint account holders.

Alternatively, you can apply for a joint account together in person at a branch. Once you have set up a joint account, you should receive a debit card for both account holders which will allow both people access to funds from the same account. Call the Halifax Bank contact number on this page to find your nearest location.

Please note: You may need to provide identification for both yourself and the second account holder.

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