HSBC is open Monday through Friday 8:00am – 10.00pm, Saturday 8:00am – 10.00pm, and Sunday 8:00am – 10.00pm.

What is the best customer service number for HSBC?

*This website advises that calls to 084 numbers cost 7p/min plus your phone provider’s access charge.

If you are an existing HSBC customer and you need to contact their customer service department urgently, then the best way to do this is via the HSBC contact number. If you have had your card stolen or you have lost it, then the fastest way to get help is to call HSBC immediately. They offer 24 hour telephone support. Telephone contact is by far the most efficient way of ensuring that your needs are attended to quickly.

The team at the HSBC customer service number will be able to help you with any problems you are having with your existing bank account, or any financial advice you might require. Making your bank transfers on the phone is also a secure and convenient option, especially for those who are often on the move or do not have secure access to online banking.

Why contact HSBC customer service?

• The convenient way to check your balance
• Pay your outstanding bills
• Transfer money to a friend or family member
• Cancel cards and order new ones
• Update your existing personal details

HSBC helpline also has a 24 hour automated customer service telephone number, which allows you to move money between your accounts, check your current balance and make payments to already registered payees. They have different customer service numbers for each country that they operate in.

About HSBC

HSBC bank was originally founded back in 1865 with an aim to create a trustworthy and functional financial trading system between Asia and Western countries. They still remains to be biggest financial and banking corporations in the world today and it serves approximately 46 million people.

Their headquarters are in London and they currently have around 5000 companies in most countries worldwide. There are four primary business groups that constitute their infrastructure. They are:

• Commercial Banking
• Investment Banking
• Retail Banking
• Wealth and Asset management

It is the second biggest company currently on the New York Stock Exchange and despite recent economic recession around the world, they continue to thrive and grow. They have put a substantial effort in to the HSBC telephone banking system to help make it more user friendly.

Contacting HSBC customer services

• Finding the local HSBC phone number for your location will allow you to save money on call charges, see above if you live in the UK.
• Ensuring you have your banking details and account number to hand when you call HSBC bank number will result in the identification process being much quicker.
• If you don´t hear a suitable option when presented with the automated call menu, press the hash key repeatedly to be connected directly to a customer service agent.

Answers to Common HSBC Support Questions

Below are answers to common questions with answers that we have found for you from across the internet. Our goal is to bring these common questions together in one place so you can find answers faster. We are in no way connected to or represent HSBC. All information has been publically sourced from the internet and we cannot guarantee the accuracy of information.

I’m not an HSBC customer – how can I open a new bank account?

There are a couple different ways to open a bank account from the company as a new customer. You can apply to open an account online or you can apply at a branch in person. In both cases, you may need some kind of proof of identity and proof of your address. Depending on what kind of account you want to open, you may need to supply more evidence. For example, those who would like to open student accounts may have to prove that they are studying. If you are already an HSBC customer and you would like to open another account, you may not need to supply these forms of evidence.

My credit or debit card has been lost or stolen – what should I do?

If your card is lost or stolen, you need to contact HSBC as soon as possible. The company has a team available for these situations 24 hours a day. Your card may be cancelled as soon as possible and a replacement card may be posted to you.

My bank card is too damaged to use – how can I get another one?

If your bank card is too damaged to use, you can request a replacement card from the company. You can do this by sending them a message through your online banking account or by going to your nearest branch in person.

What is my ‘secure key’ and how does it work?

The secure key is an extra layer of security used by the company to protect your bank accounts. Your secure key may be a physical device or it could be a digital application set up on a mobile device that you already own. You may often need to use your secure key to confirm your identity before logging in to your online banking account or your mobile banking application, as well as before making some transfers and changes. Before you can use your secure key, you may need to activate it and connect it to your account by following instructions they have provided. Once you have activated your secure key, you may be able to generate a pass code with it which acts as authentication of your identity.

How can I get money out of my account if my card has been blocked?

If your card has been blocked, you may still be able to withdraw money by going to a branch with proof of your identity. You may also be able to get your card unblocked by visiting a branch with some form of identity.

I’m planning to move abroad – what should I do with my UK bank account?

They provide a host of advice about what to do before and after you move abroad to manage your banking. A customer service representative may be able to give you information about transferring your funds, using your HSBC bank account abroad and opening a bank account abroad. If you need some help or advice about banking overseas, check out the information on their website or contact the company directly.

How can I close my HSBC account?

It’s possible to close an HSBC bank account via secure e-message, telephone or at your nearest bank branch. Your balance must be at nil to close your bank account, so you may need to withdraw or deposit money into the account before it can be closed. If you have any charges, cheques or payments that they pay for you after your bank account is closed, you may need to pay this money back to the company.

There is a transaction I don’t recognise on my statement – how can I dispute it?

Before you dispute a transaction, you should check that it’s not one that you have made. Start by researching the retailer’s name on your statement – the retailer may have a different trading name to their public business name. You should also make sure the extra charge is not a foreign exchange rate, an additional charge that you already agreed to, a regular subscription charge or a purchase made by another account holder. It may be worth looking through your recent receipts and emails to check there is no confirmation of payment. Once you are sure that the payment is one that is not made by you or another account holder, or a charge that has been made unfairly, you should contact HSBC directly to dispute the transaction.

How can I find my nearest HSBC branch?

You can find out where your nearest branch is with their online branch locator function. If you need a particular facility, such as a talking ATM, you can also specify this on the online form. Then type in your street name or postcode and you may receive a list of nearby branches. There may also be information about the branch, including the address and opening times.

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