Netflix is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

What is the best customer service number for Netflix?

*This website advises that calls to 084 numbers cost 7p/min plus your phone provider’s access charge.

Netflix is an online movie and media streaming service, providing ‘TV on demand’. The company began as a DVD by mail business in the late 1990s, headquartered in California, United States. If you are experiencing issues with your service you should call the Netflix contact number above.

It is now available as a streaming service around the world, and is only not accessible in China, North Korea, Syria, and Crimea. The company has also recently moved into television production, creating original series and movies to be shown on the website. The company has in excess of 90 million subscribers all over the globe.

How to Contact Netflix Support

Netflix in the UK runs a customer helpline that can be contacted for service support. The lines open from 7 days a week 24hrs. The lines are closed at weekends and these hours do not apply to national and bank holidays.

Things to Remember When Calling Netflix Customer Services

  • The number above applies to the United Kingdom service. Even if you registered your account in the United Kingdom but are watching from abroad, you will need to call the local number, and not the UK number.
  • They operate an automated phone line in the first instance. It’s important to listen to all the options described on the telephone before selecting to ensure that you receive the most effective customer service.
  • Have your name and account details on hand, as well as any previous correspondence with the company regarding the issue you are calling about. This can help speed up the process.

Netflix FAQ

How fast does my internet need to be for Netflix to work?

The minimum required speed to stream TV and movies is 0.5MB/second. If your internet speed is lower than this you will not be able to use the service. If you wish to stream in Ultra HD quality, you will need a service of 25MB/S, and the recommended minimum is 1.5MB/S.

Check with your internet provider that you’re able to use this service before subscribing.

How do I pay for Netflix?

You pay for it on a monthly rolling contract, and the money is taken at the date you originally signed up for the service. The charge will come directly from your bank account using the card information that you provide when you register for Netflix.

Can I control how much bandwidth Netflix uses?

Yes, if you want to restrict it and use less data, access your account and enter ‘playback settings’. This will enable you to adjust the viewing settings and how much data you use when watching. The ‘low’ setting will use the least data, while Ultra HD will use the most.

If you have a slow connection, watching at a lower setting will also reduce loading time and buffering, making it easier to watch without having to pause. If you are still experiencing trouble then call the Netflix phone number above.

How can I use the parental controls on Netflix?

The parental controls on your account can be set up using ‘Profile-Level’ control or ‘Account-Level’ control.

Profile-Level control means that different ‘Maturity Levels’ can be set up for each profile on your account. For example, your child’s Netflix profile can have a different Maturity Level Set-Up on it than your own.

However, this means that parents must take responsibility for making sure that their child uses the correct profile – if they use a different profile, they may still be able to access inappropriate content.

Account-Level control means that parents can set up a PIN code that watchers must enter to watch certain content. Using Account-Level control, parents can ensure that their children can’t watch any inappropriate content on any profile, providing they do not know the PIN number.

To set up Profile-Level security, log in to your account on their website, click the ‘Manage Profiles’ link, choose your child’s profile and then choose the Maturity Level of the profile.

To set up Account-Level security, log in to your online account, choose ‘Settings’ from the account menu and then click the ‘Parental Controls’ link. On the following page, create a PIN code and choose the Maturity Level of content that you would like to be PIN code-protected. If you are having issues setting this up call the Netflix customer service number on this page.

What should I do if I forget my PIN code?

If you forget your PIN code, you can use the ‘Forgot PIN’ link to retrieve it. The ‘Forgot PIN’ link should appear below the PIN code entry field when you are prompted to enter your PIN to watch restricted content, such as a film or TV show with a high Maturity Level.

After clicking the link, you should be prompted to sign in to your account or enter your password. Once you have done this, follow the onscreen instructions to retrieve your forgotten PIN code.

How will I be charged for Netflix?

Their customers are charged monthly to the payment card or method that was used to sign up for the service with. Customers will usually be charged on the same date that they originally signed up for the service every month or on the last day of each month.

Payments are made in advance of the period of usage. For example, if you are charged your monthly subscription on March 1st, this payment will cover your usage for the month of March. If you believe there is a billing error call the Netflix helpline above.

How are Maturity Levels of Netflix content decided?

The Maturity Level, or ‘Maturity Rating’, of all their content is decided in accordance with the local standards. For example, their users in the UK will currently find content marked as appropriate for ‘Little Kids’ rated at ‘Universal’ (U) by the local authorities.

However, their users in the US will currently find content marked as appropriate for ‘Little Kids’ is rated at a ‘General Audiences’ (G) by local authorities. The company recommends researching the local rating system for film and TV to get a better idea of what each rating means.

Please note: If an official rating is unavailable for a piece of content, they may use their own judgement to decide on a Maturity Level rating.

How much data does Netflix use?

At the time of writing, downloading or streaming their content for an hour uses approximately between 1GB and 3GB of data per stream, depending on the video quality chosen. To limit the amount of data used by their service, customers can edit their account settings.

To do this, log in to your online account and click the ‘Playback Settings’ link. On the following page, choose the level of data restriction you would like to set up; ‘Low’, ‘Medium’, ‘High’ or ‘Auto’. Keep in mind, the level that you choose will likely effect the quality of video you have while using the service.

What is a Netflix ‘Profile’?

This is a personal profile used by each individual using the same account. When you create and use your own personal profile, they will use your activity to create lists and suggestions specifically based on your taste.

Users can also return to the most recently watched point of a TV programme or film every time they use Netflix. Furthermore, each profile can also have its own saved audio, subtitle and Maturity Level settings.

How can I create a Netflix Profile?

Log in to your account on their website, click the ‘My Profile’ link and then click ‘Manage Profiles’. On the following page, you should be able to add, delete and edit profiles.

Why can’t I access my Netflix account?

If you have received a notification that says your account is ‘already in use’, it may be because there are too many people using the account. One of the users may have to log out or stop watching a stream before you can access your account again. If you are experiencing a different error call the Netflix number on this page and speak with customer service.

Can I suggest a TV show or film to be added to Netflix?

Yes. You can make requests for TV shows and films to be added by using the ‘Request TV Shows or Movies’ form on their website. There is no guarantee that a request will be acted on by the company, but they don’t guarantee that it keeps track of all requests made by users.

I’ve received an error message saying ‘Cannot Connect to Internet’ – what should I do?

If the error message shows an ‘Error Code’, go to their ‘Help Centre’ page and search for the error code. Upon finding the correct error code on this page, you should be given specific troubleshooting advice to help fix the problem.

If the error message does not have an accompanying error code, go to the ‘Troubleshooting Network Connection Issues’ page on their website. On this page, there is a range of troubleshooting information for users streaming via Blu-ray players, computers, game consoles, mobile devices, set-top boxes, smart TVs, streaming media players and tablets. If you are unable to access the internet then there is no need to call the Netflix telephone number, they will not be able to help.

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