Orange is open Monday through Friday 8:00am – 8:00pm and Saturday through Sunday 8:00am – 6:00pm.

What is the best customer service number for Orange?

*This website advises that calls to 084 numbers cost 7p/min plus your phone provider’s access charge.

If you need to be able to talk to an Orange customer service representative about connectivity or network issues, or just to provide them with any important changes such as billing information or to report a lost or stolen device, then calling them on the phone is usually the most time efficient way of doing this. The company has invested a large budget to ensure that they have enough agents on hand to meet the customer service demands of their customers, and to minimize the wait time needed to be able to speak with somebody.

Although they have a great website, a high percentage of its new and existing customers prefer speaking with an Orange customer service agent using the contact number that is provided. However, a common complaint is that many customers have a hard time finding the right number that is specific to their issue, and at times it may be tedious when trying to find the customer service number for Orange online. That is one of the reasons why we set this website up.

Reasons for contacting the Orange customer service department

You can call the Orange contact number 7 days per week and 365 days per year. The customer service hours are from 8 am to 9 pm on weekdays and 8 am to 8 pm on weekends. After that time you may use their website for getting any general issues solve that you may be experiencing.

The following are some of the major reasons why you may need to call the Orange customer service number:

– Frequently asked general questions
– Make changes to personal details
– Billing and payment mistakes
– Stolen and lost phones
– Problems with data
– Difficulties with getting a network signal
– Updating or changing mobile number
– Questions about upgrading handsets and tariffs
– Canceling the service
– Issues regarding services or products

About Orange

Orange is of French origin and is a multi-national telecoms company. There are more than 163 million worldwide customers and its annual revenue exceeds 43 billion Euros. They are headquartered in Paris. The company offers IPTV, television, fixed landline and mobile services. Since 2006, they have had several holdings, partnerships and subsidiaries under its umbrella.

A major advantage offered by the Orange helpline is that assistance is provided in a number of different languages. That means that even when you spend much of the year living or working abroad, you still can get our questions answered promptly.

Useful tips for how to contact Orange Customer Service:

– Try to call Orange’s telephone line during off peak hours, since during peak times the lines have a tendency to get quite busy.

– Most like you will be asked for both your account number along with other personal information so that it can be verified that you are the actual account holder. Therefore, make sure you have this information on hand so that you don’t waste any time.

Question: Why can’t I find any information about becoming a new Orange customer?

In recent years, Orange UK and T-Mobile have merged to create EE. Their existing customers in the UK are free to continue using their Orange SIM card and tariffs. However, there is currently no option to sign up as a new customer. Existing customers may be asked if they would like to upgrade to EE or T-Mobile at the end of their contract. If you have additional queries call the Orange phone number on this page.

Question: How can I upgrade my Orange device?

To upgrade your device, you need to be eligible for an upgrade. Find out if you are eligible by logging in to your ‘My EE’ account online or contacting an Orange customer services representative. Their customers are usually eligible for an upgrade when their Pay Monthly contract is coming to an end. If you are eligible, you should be able to request a new device.

If you are not eligible for a free device upgrade, you may still be able to trade in your phone for a newer model by paying off the rest of your phone contract.

Please note: To be eligible for an upgrade, you must not have any outstanding debt on your account.

Question: How can I request a new SIM card?

You may need to request a new SIM card because your current SIM doesn’t fit in a new mobile device. The company offers three different sizes of SIM card; Standard, Micro and Nano. You need to find out what size SIM card your device needs before you can request a new one. This information should be available in your device manual or by visiting an EE store for assistance. Once you have found out which type of SIM card you need, you can request a replacement by filling in the ‘SIM Replacement Form’ on the EE website.

Question: How do I activate my SIM Card?

Once you have received your new SIM card, put it into your mobile and switch the device on. You should be prompted to enter a four-digit pin. Upon entering the correct PIN code, your SIM card should be activated. If you enter the wrong PIN code too many times, your SIM may be blocked. To unblock the SIM, you need to request a PUK code, which can easily be done online via your ‘My EE’ account.

Question: How can I register to manage my Orange account online?

To manage your account online, you need to sign up for an online account. As they are now part of EE, you should go to the EE website and click the ‘Log In/Register’ link. Simply follow the online instructions to create your account and, once you have completed your registration, visit the same link to log in. With access to an online account, you should be able to pay bills, top up your credit, view allowances and usage, and even upgrade your plan.

Question: Can I use my Orange device abroad?

Yes. First, you need to set up your phone for roaming before you go abroad. You can do this by calling the Orange number and speaking with the customer service team over the phone or, in some cases, just by sending a text. Go to the EE website to find out more about text services for roaming, including how to set up roaming as well as how to find out the roaming costs in your chosen destination via text.

Orange customers are likely to be charged more for using any of their services while abroad. The company recommends looking into their roaming deals, which often include data add-ons, travel data passes and ‘talk and text’ deals for popular destinations outside of the UK.

Question: Can I make calls abroad with my Orange SIM card?

Yes. As their customer, you have a choice of call abroad add-ons or you can request a Pay As You Go International SIM Card. If you do not set up a system for making calls abroad, you may still be able to make calls to other countries but you could be charged higher rates than your normal call charges.

Question: What should I do if my device is lost or stolen?

If your Orange device is lost or stolen, you should report this to the company as soon as possible. The sooner you let the company know, the sooner they can blacklist the device and avoid further charges being made on your account. If your device was stolen and you have insurance or cover, make sure to report to incident to the police – this could be essential to being able to make a claim. To start the claim call the Orange telephone number listed above.

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