Royal Mail is open Monday through Friday 8:00am – 6.00pm, Saturday & Sunday Closed.

What is the best customer service number for Royal Mail?

*This website advises that calls to 084 numbers cost 7p/min plus your phone provider’s access charge.

Royal Mail is a 500-year-old British institution which continues to provide postal services around the UK to this day. Originally formed in 1516, the company is responsible for the collection and delivery of letters and packages.

In 2011, they underwent privatization for the first time in its 500-year-long history, with shares being floated for sale on the London Stock Exchange.

They provide daily delivery services throughout the country, with the exception of Sundays. The company provides a number of unique services including special delivery and ‘universal service’ which delivers a package of a certain size to a certain location in the UK for a fixed fee, which does not depend on weight.

Parcelforce Worldwide is also a subsidiary of Royal Mail.

How to contact Royal Mail Helpline

They run a customer service helpline which is available for contact from Monday to Friday. Lines open at 08:00 AM and close at 6:00PM. Please note that these hours of service do not apply to public and bank holidays. You can reach customer service by calling the Royal Mail contact number above.

Things to Remember When Calling Royal Mail Customer Services

  • The Royal Mail phone number is automated in the first instance. Please listen to all the options and choose the most appropriate one in order to be put through to the correct service line.
  • If you’re calling about a delivery, package, or letter, you should have all the details you can with you. That includes things like your delivery receipt if you dropped off a letter in person, the address of the recipient and where it was sent from, and any other relevant information that can assist the customer service provider in helping you.
  • It’s important that you have both the date and approximate time that you placed the order, posted the letter, or submitted the package for delivery. Knowing this will help the customer service provider know whether your delivery is still within the allotted time window.


Can I insure my package or purchase add-ons?

Yes. The company offers a number of additional services including ‘additional compensation’, effectively allowing you to choose the level of compensation that you receive should your delivery be lost or not delivered. This is a great option for sending valuable items. You can also request guaranteed delivery, which means that your item is guaranteed to be delivered no later than 1pm the following day, or ‘signed for’ delivery, which requires a signature of the recipient.

Can you tell me all of the parcel delivery options?

Yes. There are 13 options:

For parcels:
Parcelforce express24
Parcelforce express48
Parcelforce express48large
Parcelforce expressAM

For mail
Royal Mail Tracked 24
Royal Mail Tracked 48
Royal Mail 24
Royal Mail 48
Royal Mail Special Delivery Guaranteed
1st Class
2nd Class
Royal Mail Sameday
Royal Mail Safebox

Can I post packages from home?

Yes, you can use online mail to pay for a packaging label online, and attach it to your package or print it directly on an envelope. This saves time and effort. To do so visit their website, or for queries on this issue call the Royal Mail customer service number provided above.

How can I use the postage tracking system?

To take advantage of their tracking system, you may have to send your package by ‘Royal Mail Tracked’ or ‘Special Delivery Guaranteed’. Your package should then be given a barcode which should be scanned at each Royal Mail checkpoint that it passes through. Customers can check the delivery progress and location of their package by entering the tracking reference number into the ‘Track Your Item’ page on their website. You should be able to find the tracking reference number at the bottom of your receipt, often labelled as ‘Barcode’.

I expected my sent mail to have arrived by now – why hasn’t it?

If an item you have sent to someone hasn’t arrived by the time you expected it to, you may want to double check the ‘Sending Mail’ page on their website – here you can get a more specific idea of delivery times. If it still appears your parcel has not arrived on time, it could be due to a public holiday, a service problem in the area or because the recipient needs to sign for the parcel. You can check the Royal Mail ‘Service Updates’ page to see if there are any delivery problems in the area. If you would like to make a query about why your parcel has not arrived yet, call Royal Mail support team, making sure to have your reference number to hand.

I think my sent parcel has gone missing – what next?

If a sent item has disappeared, customers can make a compensation claim. To do this, go to the ‘Making A Claim’ page on their website. Keep in mind, it’s only possible to make claims on certain types of postage.

Where can I find out how much it is to post an item?

You can find out the cost of posting an item by going into a Royal Mail branch with the relevant item. It’s also possible to find out prices online by going to the ‘Our Prices’ page on their website or calling the Royal Mail telephone number listed on this page.

How can I use ‘Online Postage’?

Head to their website and go to the ‘Online Postage’ page. Here, you should be able to enter the details of your package, pay online and print the relevant postage at home. You can print the postage directly on to an envelope, or print it on to paper and stick it on to your parcel. Using this process, there’s no need to buy stamps at a Royal Mail post office. However, you may still need to take the package to a branch if it is too large to fit in a regular postbox.

Please note: According to Royal Mail, the Online Postage service should cost no more than you would pay to send your parcel at a standard Royal Mail branch. In some cases, customers can even get discounts for using the online service.

How do I use the Royal Mail ‘Postcode Finder’ tool?

Go to the ‘Postcode Finder’ tool on their website. Then, type in the postcode you would like to research into the relevant field. Once you have submitted the postcode, you should be given a list of addresses that use the postcode. If you know the postcode and the building number, you can type both of these in to the search bar to receive more specific results. For example, if you know that the postcode of the address that you’re looking for is ‘WR3 7QP’ and the building number is ‘10’, simply type ‘WR3 7QP 10’.

I’ve set up a PO Box – why am I not receiving any mail at my address?

If you have set up a PO Box service, your mail may be arriving there instead of at your home address. If you would like your PO Box mail to be delivered to your home address, you may need to arrange a delivery service. If you believe there is a different issue then call the Royal Mail number above.

How can I arrange for my mail to be redirected?

You can arrange mail redirection online on their ‘Redirection Page’. Information needed includes the full names and dates of birth of all residents that need their mail redirecting, the full old and new postal addresses that you may need post directed from and to, the date you would like post redirection to begin and a valid credit/debit card.

What is a ‘Grey Card’ and what should I do with it?

If you have received a Royal Mail ‘Grey Card’, it usually means you need to pay a fee to receive a certain piece of post. This fee is usually because the sender did not pay the full amount or because there was an international customs charge. You can pay the fee online, at a their enquiry office or by posting the Grey Card to Royal Mail with paid-for stamps or stamps from a franking machine. All of the information on how, where and how much to pay should be available on the Grey Card. Once you have paid the fee, your item should be delivered to you.

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