Sky is open Monday through Friday 8:30am – 11:30pm , Saturday 8:30am – 11:30pm, and Sunday 8:30am – 11:30pm.

What is the best customer service number for Sky?

*This website advises that calls to 084 numbers cost 7p/min plus your phone provider’s access charge.

As Sky is one of the largest internet, TV and telephone service providers in the world, their customer service phone number receives high volumes of calls each day. There are always times when you need to speak to someone in real time to get the answers you need to solve a problem which is why you need to call the Sky customer service number. However, it can be very tedious if you need to wait for a long time before speaking to someone on the phone to get a resolution to your TV service problem or the fact that your internet is running very slowly.

There are some common reasons why customers take to calling the Sky customer service telephone number:

• An interruption in service
• The digital set-top box is no longer working
• They wish to upgrade their Sky TV package
• They want to downgrade or cancel their Sky TV package
• Looking at resolving billing issues
• They are moving home
• They need to get more information about their TV service
• Schedule or reschedule an engineer visit

Contacting the Sky customer services department by phone is considered the best way to get your issue resolved immediately.

More Information About Sky

In Europe, they have long been a leading communication and entertainment business. The company currently has over 22 million customers, offers 57 million products and has 11 million homes connected to their services. This could be due to their appealing offers such as a contract-free streaming service that is available online, the huge range of tailor-made packages to meet your needs and the ability for people living in the same house to watch different programs at the same time on different screens.

They are headquartered in London, Milan and Munich which allows them to work across several European countries.

The company was founded by Rupert Murdoch and the Sky sports channels have become a go-to for most sports fans. The channels draw hundreds of thousands of customers to the company. However, there has been a fair amount of controversy surrounding them. They were ordered by Ofcom, the telecommunications regulator in the UK, to drop the prices of the sports channels as they were considered to be extortionate.

Why You Should Choose Sky

While there are many companies offering TV services and entertainment packages they is still considered a solid option for many people.

When compared to other TV providers, the company has made it a priority to offer competitive prices for both new and existing customers. There are also specific packages on offer that have been designed to meet viewing interests. The pricing structure has also been created according to the usage of the customer.

Sky Customer Service Number

There are a lot of television services which are affected by the bad weather which hits the UK and parts of Europe which lead to many people being without service for hours or days. The problem is that calling out an independent professional to look at the problem can become costly. Another issue is that your frustration at the problem is made worse through the lack of anyone who is able to effectively guide you through the resolution steps.

Fortunately, the company is doing their best to ensure that any question, concerns or difficulties you may have do not go unsorted even in the peak call times. The Sky customer service phone numbers are open for most of the day and they have the advantage of limited delays when you are looking to speak with a technical support agent. There are also technicians who can help with installation or updating your service through a home visit.

When Is The Best Time To Call?

As they are a very large company, the Sky customer service helpline generally has a high volume of calls at all times. Fortunately, they are prepared to deal with these high volumes so your call wait time will never be very long. This is something you will find very helpful if you are calling first thing in the morning on a weekday.

The main Sky service number will help you with a number of different problems. This will number will help you reach Sky TV, Sky Broadband, Sky Phone and the general customer service number.

Answers to Common Sky Support Questions

Below are answers to common questions with answers that we have found for you from across the internet. Our goal is to bring these common questions together in one place so you can find answers faster.

We are in no way connected to or represent Sky. All information has been publicly sourced from the internet and we cannot guarantee the accuracy of information. If you have additional questions call the Sky phone number listed above.

How can I create a Sky ID?

You can create an ID either on their website or via a purchase confirmation email. If you would like to create your ID on their website, start by clicking the ‘sign in’ link at the top of the web page.

Next, follow the instructions and enter the relevant information, such as an email address and password. Keep in mind, you may have to confirm your email address and you might need your account number, viewing card number or part of your bank account number to hand.

Once you have completed the process, you should receive your new ID via email. Call the Sky customer services phone number if you do not receive this email within 24 hours.

I’ve forgotten my Sky ID username or password – how can I reset it?

If you forget your ID username or password, you can retrieve it on the usual log in page. Instead of entering your log in details, follow the links to retrieve your forgotten information.

Depending on what part of your ID you are trying to retrieve, you may need different information to hand, including possibly your email address, security question answers, account number, TV viewing card number or part of your bank account number.

Once you have entered the relevant details, you may be able to retrieve or reset your log in information.

What is the ‘My Sky’ app and how can I use it?

The ‘My Sky’ app is a downloadable mobile application which can be used to manage your account. The app can be downloaded to most new Apple and Android devices but must be connected to the internet for many of the features to work. Once you have downloaded the app and connected your account, customers may be able to manage different services, including bills and payments, even contact the Sky helpline from the app.

Can I change the Way I Make Payments, Such as the Method or Date of Payment?

Yes. You can make changes to your payments via your online account, on the My Sky app or with your Sky TV. Once you have signed in to your account via one of these messages, you may be able to change your payment details. Please note, they have a limit of how many times you can change your payment dates each month, and changing the date may change the price of your next bill.

Tip: If you would like to update your payment details using your Sky TV, you may need the remote control and your PIN code.

My Sky TV isn’t working – what should I do?

The steps you may need to take to fix it depends on what fault it has. The Sky customer services number has plenty of advice on how to troubleshoot a number of problems. The advice includes what to do if you have no satellite signal, you are getting a connectivity error message or your TV has picture problems.

The website also has a section called ‘Fixing a Problem with Sky Q TV’ to see if there is anything you can do to fix the problem yourself. If you cannot fix the issue or the problem you are having is not covered on this page, you may need to contact Sky for support.

My Sky broadband isn’t working – how can I find out what’s wrong?

Go to the ‘Broadband Diagnostic’ page on their website. Answer all of the questions posed to you on the online form to receive a list of suggestions of how to fix the problem. Try all of the solutions offered on the online results. If your broadband connection still isn’t working after trying the suggestions, try calling customer support to receive help.

How can I use the voicemail feature on my Sky Talk phone?

If you added Sky Talk Voicemail or Voicemail Plus when you first purchased Sky Talk, the voicemail service may have been activated automatically. If you did not add a voicemail service when you joined and would like to do so now, contact Sky to arrange this service.

To use the voicemail feature, simply dial the Sky voicemail number to access your voicemail inbox. You may be able to listen to, save and delete any received messages by pressing the keys on your telephone. Keep in mind, you may be charged for voicemail services.

How can I get Sky TV?

The first thing that you need to do when you are thinking about signing up for Sky television is to choose what kind of product you would like, including what bundle of channels is best for you and your tastes.

For example, they offer a standard ‘original bundle’ which includes a number of different channels of varying genres, like documentary channels, standard channels, comedy, news, and more. In addition, you may wish to choose something with more variety.

Their ‘Variety’ bundle for instance, has extra channels in music, international news, and more. Then, you should choose whether you want any special extra channels which cater for certain interests – if you are very interested in football, boxing, or another sport, then perhaps you should sign up for Sky Sports, whereas if you’re a movie buff, you might look into Sky Cinema.

Once you have decided what kind of package you want, then you should endeavor to talk to customer care about your preferences and arrange the details, things like whether installation is necessary, whether you need to do anything to get TV, payment details, and more.

It’s also worth considering whether you want a single package for a single room, or if you want to sign up for a ‘Multiroom’ package, which means you’ll be able to watch different television channels in different rooms of your house or apartment at the same time. So for example, one person could watch a documentary in the living room while another watches music in the bedroom.

Call the contact number for Sky TV on this page to begin the sign up process.

What are the eligibility criteria for ordering Sky Television?

There are some requirements, you may need to be over eighteen to sign up for this service and you may also need to have a valid bank account at a recognised bank if you wish to pay via Direct Debit.

If you are living in rented or temporary accommodation then of course it is necessary to gain the consent and permission of your landlord before you arrange to have television service installed.

Do I need any equipment to get service installed in my house?

Yes, but the requirements for equipment that you have at your home are very simple. All you need is a telephone landline.

Your engineer will connect your Sky box to this landline, and then they will provide the other equipment that you need including the satellite dish which will go outside of your house and your box, which is used a signal receiver and for using their service.

How do I schedule Sky installation?

You can schedule your installation by letting customer service know what dates work for you. You can choose a day that works with your commitments and your current calendar to make the process as simple as possible. They will arrange for one of their technicians to come to your home on your preferred date.

Call the Sky contact number to schedule your installation.

What channels can I receive with Sky?

There are many, many channels which cater to a number of different tastes. Some channels contain general programming, while other channels are suitable for niche interests or tastes. You may find channels which cover topics such as art, or programmes on science fiction.

You may be able to find packages more suited to comedy than drama, or a mixture of the two. You can also find special Sports channels and movie channels which offer all the most up-to-date sporting events and a range of box-office and lesser known independent modern movies.

These channels are all available in a number of different package combinations and are also available now in High Definition. Some channels may even be suitable for three-dimensional 3DTV if you are a compatible device.

If you are wondering what channels are included in your current package call the Sky number on this page and speak with a customer service representative.

What functions does my Sky box have?

If you have the newest iteration of their box, known as the Sky Q box, then there are several interesting functions that make watching television more enjoyable. You may be able to reverse and rewind, temporarily halt, and store content on television.

You can record programmes to watch them later, or re-watch them. When you sign up as a new customer you will receive a box, which comes with one terabyte of storage as its standard offering. However, if you want to receive more storage and record a lot of different programmes or events, you will be able to add an extra terabyte and upgrade to a 2TB Q box, for an additional fee. Call the Sky telephone number above to upgrade your storage.

I want Sky in different rooms and I want to watch different channels at the same time, can I do that?

Yes, however you will need to sign up for a Sky Multiroom service. This is a service that allows you to have two different channels on different televisions at the same time.

To do this you will need to get a separate box for each room that you wish to use the service in, and additional fees may be involved for this premium addition the their television service. Call the Sky TV contact number to order additional boxes.

Can you tell me about Sky TV?

Sky TV, owned by British Sky Broadcasting in the UK (BSkyB) is one of the most well-known television providers, offering digital and satellite television. They state that they have the largest range of different television channels in the continent, and the largest range of high definition (HD) channels as well.

The company is now used by almost twenty million people in seven million different homes. They doesn’t use a traditional cable TV service, but instead broadcasts by satellite, which is why customers need to have a Sky satellite dish installed on their home to receive the programming.

When you sign up for a their television package you will receive a Sky box and remote. Through this you access things like a television guide informing you what’s on, radio channels, television channels, and more. You can also use the box for ‘freeview’ meaning that you can receive the channels for free without an additional cost.

Is Sky Television expensive?

Its cost vary depending on the package that you want and which programming you prefer. If you use the freeview channels then you may only need to pay for a television box. On the other hand, if you sign up for the most basic, entry-level television pack then the cost might be as low as nineteen pounds per month to twenty-four pounds per month.

The most expensive, high-end package on the other hand may cost over fifty pounds per month. This includes the ‘Sky World’ package, covering movie channels, sports, and entertainment. In addition, if you want to receive these channels in High Definition then there is an additional surcharge of up to ten pounds per month.

How do I activate my viewing card?

When you sign up for their television package you should receive a viewing card. Once you have this, along with your hardware that the engineer should have helped you to install, you need to contact Sky TV customer service.

You may need to provide them with the serial number on your digibox, as well as the version of the box that you have. You may also need to tell customer care about what you can see on the screen, if there is an error message or guidance notes telling you what to do.

How long does it take for Sky to start working?

Once you have activated your box you should be able to see your favorite shows very quickly, and the company state that it can take four hours at the most for the signals to start being received by your box.

If however, it’s been longer than this and you still aren’t receiving any programming, you may wish to enquire with the company and receive support.

How do I get High Definition (HD) television programmes with Sky?

In order to receive HD programming you need some certain hardware, including a television that is HD ready. As well as this, you will need a digibox from them which is HD ready, and an HD subscription.

There is an additional charge to sign up for HD, and it costs ten pounds per month. There are also some free channels which you can receive in HD which come with freeview, so you won’t need to pay the additional ten pounds per month to receive these channels in high definition. These include the BBC and Channel Four, as well as ITV and some other additional channels.

How do I get three-dimensional (3D) TV with Sky?

They began offering 3D channels several years ago. In order to receive 3D programming you will require a 3D-ready television, as well as an HD box from them.

What single additional channels does Sky offer?

They offer some single channels which are considered ‘stand-alone’. These include some adult channels like Playboy, as well as some sports channels like the ESPN sports network.

In order to add these stand-alone channels it’s necessary to call the Sky customer services telephone number and ask for their addition to your package.

I want to install my own satellite, is that possible?

It is not advisable for you to install a satellite by yourself unless you are properly qualified to do so. This could be dangerous and may lead to problems with your service as well. To have your satellite installed properly you should aim to contact an engineer or local technician who is able to help you install the system.

You could look for one on the internet, use a local advert service, or ask a friend, colleague, or acquaintance for a referral. These are some ways you can find a registered and qualified satellite installer to ensure you receive the best service with your television package.

My account was deactivated because I didn’t pay my bill, how do I fix it?

If you have missed payment of your bill, or you have delayed payment for too long, then it is likely that they will terminate your service and you will no longer receive the channels that you were paying for.

You may receive an error message on your television screen stating that there is a phone number that you will need to call. In this event, you may wish to contact Sky and make a payment to clear your outstanding balance. Once you have cleared your outstanding balance with a one-time payment then your service may be resumed.

I want to change my payment method, how do I do that?

If you want to change the method through which you pay your subscription bill, you will need to contact the company through the Sky contact numbers on this page or via email. Payment methods may take over two weeks to take effect, listed as up to fifteen days on their website, so your next payment may still be made using the original payment method. System allows you to do any change or update to the account in a secure and safe way.

My bill doesn’t make sense, what do I do?

In the first instance you may wish to work out whether your bill makes sense or not by investigating the timeline and/or period that the bill covers. They bill in advance for a period of one month, so you will pay for the coming month each time. If you pay your bill in June, you are paying for the period from the beginning of June to the end of June. The bill is not applied retroactively, so you are not paying for the month that you just used the service, but rather, the month that is beginning.

My bill is more than I thought it would be, what do I do?

There are many explanations for a higher than expected bill. It may be that you have made changes to your package or added standalone channels. You might also have used a pay-per-use service like Sky Box Office, which could result in additional charges.

You might want to check with anyone else who has access to their television services in your household and see if there have been any additional unauthorised or authorised charges.

It is also worth remembering that they bill for the coming month, rather than the month that has just passed. If you have checked these conditions above and still feel that your bill is not as expected then you may wish to contact the company to query it further.

Do I have to sign up for Sky for a certain amount of time? How long is it?

If you want to sign up for this service then it is important that you know the minimum length of a contract under the company’s terms and conditions is one year (twelve months) and in order to cancel the contract you must give at least thirty days of notice.

What payment options are available for paying for Sky?

There are several different ways of paying for your package. These include paying by Direct Debit in the United Kingdom, or paying through a payment card such as Visa or Mastercard or possibly alternative payment cards.

If you have a question about payment methods or would like to ask if a different method of payment is possible then you may wish to contact Sky and request further information.

Do I have to turn my Sky box off when it’s not in use?

Not necessarily. They state that they have designed their box to be safe when not turned off, but rather left plugged in and in stand-by mode. This is important at times, as their box requires occasional updates from the company to ensure it is up-to-date.

These are transferred visa the satellite. So for that reason, you may wish to leave your box in stand-by mode.

How is a Sky High Definition (HD) box different from a regular box?

There are some differences. Sky High Definition and Sky Plus (Sky+) boxes are slightly different in the features that they offer. With Sky+ you can record programmes and view them whenever you like. You may also be able to pause and rewind television that is currently playing (live television) and not just already recorded television.

My Sky Box has an error or error code, what can I do?

Rarely, your television package may encounter some problems. You may need to contact Sky and let them know of the error message that is showing on screen to help them to diagnose the issue and resume your service as quickly as possible. There are many causes on onscreen error messages and often these will be specific to your situation, so in this case you may wish to contact customer support at your earliest convenience to receive support on this matter.

The image is frozen on my screen, blocked, or it says that there is no signal being received.

This could be caused by external factors. If it is raining severely, stormy, or exceptionally windy then these could be affecting the signal. It could also be the case that snow is clouding the signal or is on your satellite dish.

Unfortunately, there is not much that can be done about extreme weather, but once the weather has subsided your signal and your viewing should return to normal straight away. If this is not the case and there is no extreme weather then you may wish to contact Sky television to receive further support.

My box has the red light on and I can’t turn it on. What do I do?

This means that your box is in stand-by mode. If your box has the red light and cannot be switched to the green light, indicating that it is turned on, then you may wish to try using your Sky remote.

If this is also not working then you may wish to find further support to help return your television programming to normal.

I have a message saying the card is the wrong card for the top box, what do I do?

This is a common occurrence when the box has been switched or you have received a new box. If this is the case you may need to contact customer care so that they can transfer a signal to your box and remove this message.

You may need to provide some information on the box including the serial number when you do this.

I have a ‘please insert correct card’ message, what do I do?

This is the case often when a viewing card has been changed. To refresh the signal and ensure that this message is removed you may need to contact support with your relevant information related to the viewing box and viewing card.

I have a message that says my card is unauthorised, what do I do?

There are several circumstances under which this message might be shown. If your card is not active or has not been switched on in the United Kingdom then it may show this message. You may wish to contact Sky to find further information and help with diagnosing and fixing this error.

I have a ‘call to upgrade’ message

If you have a message which asks you to call a phone number in order to upgrade your package then this is the result of a payment not going through. For instance, perhaps your Direct Debit rebounded or there is not enough money in your account to make the payment.

If this has happened then you may wish to contact your bank or payment provider to solve this issue as early as possible.

I have a ‘searching for listing’ message, what is that?

This happens then the box has just been turned on and should resolve itself within a short period of time, as your box begins to function and receive the signal. If this continues then it may afterward be replaced with a separate error message, which you should refer to above if it is the case.

How do I move home with Sky Broadband or TV?

You will need to get in touch with them in this case if you are moving home and give them at least fourteen days (two weeks) of notice for them to help move their services to your new place of residence. You are able to book up to ninety entire days in advance of your move however.

Call the Sky broadband contact number on this page to start the process.

How much does it cost to move Sky + to my new home?

This depends on whether you need additional items installed. For example if you must have their television package installed then you could need to pay a fixed fee for the engineer to come. If your installation is particularly different or you have a unique place of living then there may be a fee incurred for this installation.

Things that are normally included in an installation are the dish and box or boxes, and installation of some cables on the outside of your house and inside of your house. If on the other hand it is difficult to place the cables, you live in a large block of apartments, or you are putting the cables in a special place, then it might qualify as a different kind of ‘non-standard’ installation procedure which incurs an extra fee.

In rare cases, it might be that you require one of their engineers to come to your home and carry out an appraisal of the installation. The best thing to do is to let customer service know as early as possible when you will move home. This can help you to avoid any additional fees and know exactly what it will cost and what needs to be done.

How long does Sky take to work when I move house?

It depends on the different products. If you have Sky Plus (+), then all you need to do is connect to the dish and plug it into the electricity mains and then it should work straight away, given that you are comfortable doing the preliminary set-up work yourself. Otherwise, you may need to ask them to send a representative to help you set-up your television.

For internet and phone services then you may need to wait until a specified date for your service to begin working. They may provide you with a date at which your service will become active, and also confirm this by letter up to 10 days before you move home.

What Sky products do I need to bring with me when I move?

You will need to bring all of your products with the exception of the dish affixed to the outside of your house and the associated lengths of cables, which should stay at your old place of residence.

Can I keep my home telephone number when I move house?

When you are with them as a telephone customer, you cannot keep the same telephone number if you move house as this is a service that they are currently unable to provide. You may require a new phone number.

Do I need to have a phone line installed to use Sky?

Nowadays it’s not necessary to be attached to a phone line, so as long as you have broadband internet then you should be able to connect and use their service for on demand and Sky+HD.

I haven’t installed my box, can I still use Sky Go?

As long as you have an internet connection available either through 3g, through 4g, or through broadband, and as long as you have a their TV package that you are currently subscribed to, you should be able to use Sky Go.

I’m moving home, will my Sky Internet still be the same speed?

It depends. As the speed that you receive in your Sky Broadband is relative to the distance from something called the telephone exchange. The closer you are, the faster your broadband is, and the further away, the slower it is. When you have the installation engineer come to help you set up your Broadband, you should be able to gain an accurate assessment from them on the likely speed in your new place.

I’m moving home, do I need to start a new contract with Sky?

You don’t need to move into a new contract if you change house. You should be able to maintain your current contract without alterations.

I have a balance remaining on my account, can I still use Sky’s moving service to move home?

No, you are not eligible to use this service if you currently have payments that you have missed on your account or if you have an overdue bill. To use this service, the first thing you will have to do is get in contact with them and clear the outstanding amount. After this you should be able to use the home move service.

How do I use Sky Store?

They offer this Store as a marketplace where you can either permanently purchase or rent new and older movies. This is available whether or not you have a current subscription with their television package. You will need a Sky Plus High Definition (Sky + HD) box or a Sky Q box.

What affects my broadband speeds with Sky?

There are two different factors to consider when discussing what affects your broadband speed.

This includes the access line speed, which depends on how far away your home is located from something known as an exchange, that is, if you don’t have access to Sky Fibre optic broadband. This can affect your broadband speed.

In addition, there is something called the Throughput speed, which is due to things like your router and the structure of the house you’re living in.

To check the Throughput speed, you can simply look online for a broadband speed checker which should be able to identify your speed and also offer you some tips which may help to improve it. If you believe there is a different issue with your speed call the Sky broadband customer service number above.

Can I check my broadband speed using the My Sky application?

Yes, it should also be possible for you to use the My Sky application to identify the speed of your broadband connection. To do this you may simply log in to the application, locate the tab for testing your broadband speed and conduct the test.

My broadband is slower than I thought it would be?

If your broadband is slow, or slower than you expected that it would be then you may firstly wish to log into your online account and select the tab which offers details about your current internet connection. This can be the first stop in identifying if there is some kind of issue in your local area or with your connection. If this does not reveal anything, you may wish to contact Sky to receive additional support.

I am transferring from O2 to Sky, what is happening to my account?

They state that if you are one of the customers who is transferring either their broadband, home telephone service, or both, from O2 to Sky then you can be sure that your service will stay the same as it has been in the past.

I’m transferring from O2, how much is it going to cost?

They state that for the time being due to this switch over, the price will remain as it currently is, and you as a customer will continue to receive the same support and billing with existing discounts or promotions.

What should I do if my Sky+ On Demand isn’t working?

This depends on what is causing the problem. Firstly, you may wish to reset your box and even reset your internet connection, as well as reset your television. Once you’ve done so, if this does not improve the situation you may wish to look into whether it could be caused by adverse weather conditions such as snow, wind, or a heavy storm, as this can disrupt satellite signals and lead to frozen pictures and so forth.

If this is not the case, then you may wish to search any error code online to see if there is troubleshooting information available. Failing that, and if you are still unable to use your Sky On Demand, you might wish to try contacting Sky’s customer support.

Does Sky offer Mobile Phones?

Yes, they offer a product called Sky Mobile which offers a number of different tariffs and handsets to suit many different budgets. These can include basic packages with run-of-the-mill handsets all the way up to high end and premium services with the latest mobile technologies.

Can I get Premier League matches on Sky TV?

If you sign up to an applicable Sports channel or Sky Sports package then you may be able to receive Premier League matches. If you are currently on a package with them but do not receive these you may need to add them to your service and this could incur an extra fee.

What is a Sky bundle?

It is the term used by the company to refer to several different services, often two or three, which come together at a reduced or promotional price. A bundle might include several television channels, broadband internet and a home telephone, or mobile phone.

It may contain more or less of these elements. They used Bundles to offer better value for money and a wider range of choices for consumers who wish to access specific products that the company offers.

What network is used by Sky Mobile?

They technically rent its telephone and data services from other core providers, thus making it known as something called a Mobile Virtual Network operator or MVNO. This is a common way that some mobile phone networks operate.

What data can I get on Sky Mobile?

They offer a narrow range of plans for mobile data, with just 3 options available. However, they have a number of benefits incorporated into each of these plans which may make them attractive to you.

In addition, data that you do not use by the end of the month can be carried over into next months for up to 3 annual periods. In addition, if you are already a customer using their television package, you may receive calls and texts without any usage limits if you buy their mobile data plan. Their smallest data plan offers one gigabyte of data for ten pounds, while the middle-range plan offers three gigabytes of data for fifteen pounds, and the largest offers five gigabytes of data for twenty pounds per month.

You might want to consider how much data you need and which of these best suits your needs before applying. Call Sky Mobile customer service to discuss the current packages.

Why do I have to pay before starting my contract?

They might use a credit check to ensure that you are eligible to enter into a contract with a long-term financial commitment like Sky mobile. Depending on the results, you could be asked to pay a principal sum before starting your package. This will then in turn reduce the amount that you are required to repay each month.

Does it cost extra to roam on Sky Mobile?

Thanks to new rules in the European Union, there are now no additional roaming charges for customers using their phones in applicable EU countries. However, if you are outside of these designated countries there may still be additional roaming costs, and you might want to research these and be aware of the possible additional fees before you travel.

How long does it take for my mobile to come?

If you’ve ordered before the cut off time of nine in the evening, not counting public holidays and bank holidays, or by three in the afternoon on Sundays, then your new handset could be delivered to you the very next working day.

If, however, you have ordered outside of these applicable cut off times, then it could take up to two working days to be delivered by a courier to your designated address. If you believe your mobile has been delayed call the Sky Mobile contact number on this page.

Are Sky phones locked?

Not always, they state that most of their mobile phones that are provided to customers are not locked to a specific network. That said, if you are using an Apple iPhone of any generation then your SIM might lock to their network. In order to fix this if you want to use your iPhone with another network you may have to reset some settings in your handset. More information can be found online or you may also wish to contact Sky to find out how to do this.

What is Sky Broadband Lite?

Sky Broadband Lite is a package offered for their internet broadband services that offers users an allowance of up to two gigabytes of data each month, and a maximum speed of seventeen megabytes per second for downloads. The upload speed on the other hand is restricted to up to 1.3 megabytes per second.

What is Sky Broadband 12 gigabyte?

This is similar in terms of download speeds to the package listed above, offering seventeen megabytes per second. Likewise, the upload speed is a maximum of 1.3 megabytes per second. The difference is that you are awarded an extra ten gigabytes of data.

What is Sky Broadband Unlimited?

Their Broadband Unlimited awards uses with the ability to use as much data as they want, while the download and upload speeds are the same as that offered by their Broadband 12 gigabyte and their Broadband Lite. This is the best option for those who are ‘heavy users’ of the internet and require an unlimited package.

How long does it take for upgrades to be applied to my account?

After you have applied for an upgrade and had it confirmed it might take up to two days, or forty-eight hours, for the upgrades to take effect.

How fast is seventeen megabytes per second?

Seventeen megabytes per second is the download speed for all of their Broadband packages. On average, an entire full-length film is around nine hundred megabytes. This would mean that you could download an entire film in a little under ten minutes. However, it’s worth noting that download speeds will vary based on a number of different factors, including the place that you are downloading from and any limitations on their capabilities.

What do I do if I use more than my allowed data?

If you use more than the data you’ve been allotted on your package, for instance thirteen gigabytes in a month on a twelve gigabyte package, you will receive a communication from customer support which tells you that you are exceeding your data allowance. If you continue to go above this limit then you may be automatically put onto their Broadband Unlimited package.

Does Sky Broadband slow down my connection when it’s peak time?

No, they state clearly that they never do this ‘throttling’ of users connections even when it’s peak time or when their connections and networks are being used heavily.

Can I watch Sky TV with Broadband?

Yes, you should be able to use the catch up TV service with them using your  Broadband connection. You should be aware of how much data this might use and whether it could put you over your data allowance.

If I download from Sky Store, does it affect my allowance?

A good rule of thumb is that if you’re downloading anything, even from their Store, it will still count towards your overall data allowance. If you’re not on Sky Unlimited then you should keep track of how much you are downloading, whether from their store or not, to ensure that you don’t exceed that stated amount in your contract.

Can I definitely get download speeds of 17mb/s?

Not necessarily. While they state that their Broadband offers speeds of up to seventeen megabytes per second for downloads, there are many things that can affect this number, including the location of your home, internet traffic, the server speed of the website you are visiting, and your PC’s hardware and software configuration.

What happens to my data allowance if I cancel my contract?

If you cancel your billing contract before it has reached the end of its term then you will have your data usage allowance cut down or cancelled.

I want to get Sky Fibre, do I have to buy a new router?

Some of their routers will be OK to use Sky Fibre, so if you’re looking to upgrade there is the possibility that you do not need to get a new router. Firstly, you’ll need to contact Sky and see whether your router accommodates Sky Fibre.

If it doesn’t, you’ll be pleased to know that there is no additional charge for a new  router that can accept Sky Fibre. The company does state however, that you may have to pay for the delivery of the router, even though there is no cost of the hardware itself.

What is the installation cost for Sky Broadband?

There is actually no cost for the installation of their broadband in itself. That said, there may be associated costs with the process of obtaining their broadband, including a fee that is charged when you connect, known as a connection fee, and also a cost for the delivery of the router, or delivery charge.

How long do I have to sign up for?

You have to sign up for twelve months and there is no contract length smaller than this. You may however, sign up for a longer period than twelve months, as there could be incentives to do so.

Why should I choose Sky mobile?

Generally, the thing that they tend to offer their customers for mobile services is flexibility, and the ability to have your data allowance carried over into the next month should you not use your entire allowance.

This is one of their unique selling points. Furthermore, the other thing that they have going for them is added incentives, if you already have their television or broadband service, or any of their products. This means that you can take advantage of having all of your services with them, and in return be rewarded with special deals.

What is Sky Mobile’s coverage like?

Its coverage is based on O2’s network. So for that reason, it’s logical that the speeds that are received are similar to O2, one of the United Kingdom’s largest mobile carriers. This means that average speeds of up to 10 megabytes per second are entirely possible.

In addition to this, being a Sky Mobile customer means that you will be automatically granted access to something called a Sky WiFi Hotspot. These are special wifi stations which are accessible by customers, offering you the option of downloading, browsing, and using online services without using your data plan. There are close to twenty thousand different hotspots around the country that can be used, so this is a clear advantage of using their service.

Does Sky mobile have 4g?

It uses O2’s network, so as O2 are promising to deliver 4g network speeds that cover a minimum of ninety-eight percent of the United Kingdom, they may also offer customers 4g speeds.

Can I get a family mobile plan?

Yes, they offer a number of family-oriented plans which make it easier to have a single payment and single product for your entire family. It is possible to get five sim only services on Sky Mobile.

In addition, there are some special benefits to this, as your family can collect or ‘pool’ any remaining internet data and then distribute it evenly to other family members who have already exceeded or are close to exceeding their allowance.

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