Tesco Car is open Monday through Friday 8:00am – 8:00pm, Saturday 9:00am – 4:00pm and Sunday 10:00am – 4:00pm.

What is the best customer service number for Tesco Car Insurance?

*This website advises that calls to 084 numbers cost 7p/min plus your phone provider’s access charge.

Tesco began almost 100 years ago in Hackney, London. As of today, the company is the 28th largest on the London Stock Exchange, and operates supermarkets, banks, travel companies, credit cards, car insurance, and mobile telephone services. The following information relates to Tesco Car Insurance, a division of Tesco Bank which was originally founded with the Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS). As of 2008, Tesco is the sole shareholder and owner of Tesco Car Insurance. As insurers, they have a reputation for quality and hold a 5-star Defacto rating (2015).

How to Contact Tesco Car Insurance Customer Services

Tesco Car Insurance run a service that is available every day of the week including weekends for you to get in touch. The hours do not change at weekends, and lines open every day at 6:00AM and close at 11:30PM. That said, hours may be affected by national holidays.

Before You Call Tesco Car Insurance Number

  • Tesco Car Insurance can assist you with a number of different queries, including but not limited to making cancellations, claims, changing or renewing your policy, making a payment or requesting a refund. The Tesco Car Insurance contact number covers all of these query types and more.
  • Have your details, including any registration or insurance certificate that you already own, or any prior correspondence regarding your policy, on hand when you call the Tesco Car Insurance phone number. This can save time and make your enquiry more effective.


I just renewed my policy, but I don’t see my no claims certificate – where is it?

When you renew your policy with Tesco Car Insurance, you should receive a renewal pack. Inside this renewal pack is where you’ll find your no claims certificate, if you had a claims-free period. If you can’t locate the no claims certificate, call the service line and arrange for another to be sent out to you.

How many named drivers can I have and can I change them?

Your policy may allow up to four named drivers, and these can be permanent or a month-long temporary named driver. It is also possible to change the named drivers on your policy. You should keep in mind that the price of the policy will vary depending on the person to be insured. In order to add, remove or change named drivers, you should contact the service line with all relevant information regarding your policy and retrieve a quotation.

Can I renew my policy over the phone?

Yes, however if your policy is due for renewal soon, it is likely that Tesco Car Insurance will contact you to arrange this. In addition, you may have ‘auto-renewal’ set up. In this case, the company will get in contact up to 21 days before the renewal of your policy is due. To cancel auto renewal or change your policy, call the service line and ask for advice.

For any other general enquiries about your insurance package, the customer service line will be able to assist. Again, make sure that you have all details to hand when you call.

Question: Where can I find my car insurance policy and documents?

They should send your policy certificate and documents via your preferred method shortly after you have purchased insurance. Depending on what method of communication you signed up for, you should have received your insurance documents via post or email.

Question: Will I be covered if I drive other vehicles?

This wholly depends on your individual insurance policy. You need to look into your personal policy details to find out if you are insured to drive cars other than the one on your policy. If you would like to check if you are covered to drive other vehicles before you purchase insurance from Tesco Car Insurance, you can check in the available terms and conditions before completing checkout.

Question: What is ‘Voluntary Excess’ and ‘Compulsory Excess’?

‘Compulsory Excess’ is the amount of money that the customer would need to pay in the case of an accident, that is predetermined by the insurer. ‘Voluntary Excess’ is the amount of money a customer offers to pay on top of their compulsory excess. For example, if the compulsory excess is £100 and your voluntary excess is £200, you may pay a total of £300 in excess.

Question: Can I make named driver changes to my policy?

Yes. If you would like to add or remove a named driver to your policy, it is possible to do so. At the time of writing, they allow for up to four additional drivers on its insurance policies. Depending on the terms of your policy, you may be able to add a named driver temporarily or permanently. Keep in mind, adding and removing named drivers will likely have an effect on the overall cost of your insurance policy. You may also be charged an admin fee for some of the changes.

If you would like to add, remove or amend the details of a named driver on your policy, simply call the Tesco Car Insurance telephone number. Make sure to have your policy number to hand, along with the details of any drivers you would like to add or amend.

Question: Can I change the vehicle on my policy?

Possibly. You need to get in contact with Tesco Car Insurance directly to find out if you are eligible to change the vehicle details on your policy. Keep in mind, changing your vehicle may also change the overall cost of your insurance and you might be charged a fee for making the change as well. If you would like to change your vehicle or find out more about doing do, call the Tesco Car Insurance customer service team.

Question: How can I change the address on my policy?

Get in touch with Tesco Car Insurance by telephone. You may need your policy number and new address details to hand.

Question: Where is my proof of No Claims?

They usually send their customers proof of no claims shortly before their policy comes to an end. Depending on whether you will be ending or renewing your insurance policy, you are likely to have received your proof of no claims in your renewal pack or cancellation letter. If you have not been sent proof, or you have lost the proof, you can request another copy by contacting the Tesco Car Insurance customer service team.

Question: How can I protect my No Claims Discount?

If you would like to secure extra protection for your No Claims Discount, you can do so on your Tesco Car Insurance policy in exchange for a fee. You often need to have had no claims for a number of consecutive years to be able to purchase this protection. The specific amount of consecutive years needed can be found on the Tesco Car Insurance website or by contacting the customer service team. If you purchase this additional protection, your No Claims Discount should be protected even in the event of a claim.

Question: Tesco Car Insurance has asked for proof of my last insurance – what can I use as proof?

If you would like to become a new Tesco Car Insurance customer, you may be asked for proof of your previous insurer. Tesco Car Insurance normally requests a recent official letter from your insurer, such as a policy cancellation letter or a policy renewal invitation. The letter should be addressed to the same person applying for a new policy, dated within the amount of time stated by Tesco Car Insurance, and should state the number of years of no claims.

Question: How can I cancel my Tesco Car Insurance policy?

Get in touch with the Tesco Car Insurance customer service team directly via telephone or letter. You will often need to have your policy details to hand. In some cases, you may be charged a fee for cancelling your policy.

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