Virgin Trains is open Monday through Saturday 8:30am – 6:15pm and Sunday 9:00am – 4:00pm.

What is the best customer service number for Virgin Trains?

*This website advises that calls to 084 numbers cost 7p/min plus your phone provider’s access charge.

Virgin Trains operates throughout the United Kingdom, with notable services taking passengers from London through to the Midlands, Wales, Scotland, and other destinations. Virgin Trains is legally known as West Coast Trains Limited, and is owned in joint by Virgin Rail Group, with a 51% shareholding, and Stagecoach with a 49% share. Virgin trains operates 17 stations with a fleet of 76 trains, comprising two types: Pendolino and Super Voyager. Their most important line is the West Coast Main Line which connects London, Birmingham, Manchester, Liverpool, Glasgow, and Edinburgh.

How to Contact Virgin Trains Customer Services

Virgin Trains operate a customer service line should you have any enquiries about their company or your use of their services. From Monday through Sunday, the line is open for 14 hours, beginning at 8:00AM and closes at 10:00PM. Note that the hours of operation for public holidays may vary.

Things to Remember When Calling Virgin Trains Contact Number

  • When you contact Virgin Trains, in the first instance you will be connected to an automated system. Listening to the instructions and available options is the best way of ensuring your query is dealt with in the fastest and most efficient way. Listen to all the options before selecting one, and you’ll be put through to an agent who is trained to deal with your query.
  • It may be worth looking online before contacting to see if there’s information that can resolve your query. If your query is to do with train timings especially, there’s likely to be live updated information on the Internet, which could save you a call.
  • If you’re calling about a journey that you took, or a ticket that you’ve bought, make sure you have as many details as possible on hand, including ticket stubs, receipts, or booking confirmations. This can make your call simpler and more effective for both you and the service agent.

Virgin Trains FAQ

I’ve lost my ticket, what can I do about it?

Unfortunately, like with many other rail operators, Virgin Trains will not take responsibility for passengers loss or misplacement of tickets. In this situation, you’ll have to rebook your ticket and pay for it again. For this reason, it’s of vital importance that you take good care of your ticket and leave it in a secure place that is easy to remember.

Can I change or amend my booking?

Yes, the easiest way to do this is to call the Virgin Trains phone number and select the option for ‘change and amend booking’, before speaking to an agent about the details of your request.

Can I make a booking over the phone?

Yes, while most bookings now are undertaken online, you can also make a booking for a ticket over the Virgin Trains helpline if you prefer this method of doing so. In this case, please call the Virgin Trains number and listen out for the ticket booking option.

What are ‘FastTicket’ machines and how can I use them?

‘FastTicket’ machines allow Virgin Trains’ passengers to pick up their train tickets after booking online. The machines are available at a number of mainline train stations and can be used as soon as two hours after booking online.

Passengers will need the credit/debit card used to book the tickets and the Ticket Collection Reference in order to collect their tickets. To collect tickets from a FastTicket machine, simply press the ‘Collect’ button, insert the relevant payment card and enter the Ticket Collection Reference – your tickets should then be immediately dispensed.

Can I change an advanced train ticket?

Possibly. If you have purchased an advanced train ticket, you cannot change the route of the journey but you can change the date or time of the journey. To do this, log in to your online account on the Virgin Trains website and click the ‘Change Date/Time’ link by the relevant journey.

Keep in mind, you may have to pay an administration fee to change your ticket as well as the extra cost of the new ticket.

Please note: Advanced train tickets cannot be refunded.

What times are considered ‘Peak’ and ‘Off-Peak’?

Some Virgin Trains tickets can only be used at ‘Peak’ or ‘Off-Peak’ times. Peak and Off-Peak times may vary depending on the station you are travelling from and the type of ticket you have. In general, Peak times are the busiest hours to travel and Off-Peak times are the quiet times to travel, such as in the middle of the day or at the weekend.

You can find out the exact times you can travel on the Virgin Trains website or by contacting the customer service team.

If you have purchased a ‘Day Travelcard’, Peak or Off-Peak, it can be used on the day that it is valid and until 4:30am the following day.

Can I buy a train ticket for someone else?

Yes. Virgin Trains tickets generally do not have the name of the customer on the ticket so anyone can use the ticket, no matter who bought it. However, if you decide to pick up the train ticket by collection, the cardholder and the payment card may need to be present.

The Virgin Trains website recommends choosing the ‘Deliver by Post’ option for tickets bought for others – these can be delivered to a different name and address to the billing address.

How can I claim compensation if my journey is disrupted?

Customers who purchased advanced tickets for a ‘Full Point to Point’ journey on certain lines may be covered by the Automatic Delay Repay (ADR) Scheme. In these cases, customers should be automatically refunded if there is a disruption to their journey.

However, there are certain eligibility requirements for the ADR Scheme. Find out if you are eligible for an automatic refund by searching ‘ADR’ on the Virgin Trains FAQ page or by calling the Virgin Trains telephone number on this page.

For all other delayed or cancelled services, customers will need to apply for compensation or a refund. You can apply for compensation for a delayed service by following the instructions on the ‘Delay Repay’ page of the Virgin Trains website. Customers can apply for a refund for a cancelled train journey by following the advice on the ‘Refunds’ page of the Virgin Trains website.

What are the different types of tickets available with Virgin Trains?

Virgin Trains offers Advance, Anytime, Off-Peak, Super Off-Peak and Season Tickets. Advance tickets are for a specific time and date – these tickets are usually cheap but non-refundable.
Anytime tickets allow customers to take almost any train on their selected route within a specified amount of time – these tickets are extremely flexible but more expensive that Advance tickets.

Off-Peak tickets allow customers to travel during the less busy travel times – this can sometimes limit when you can travel and is not ideal for customers travelling on a deadline. Super Off-Peak tickets are similar to Off-Peak tickets but have slightly more restrictions.

Season Tickets allow customers to travel on a certain route whenever they would like during a certain period of time.

Please note: The terms and conditions of each ticket type vary – you may be able to cancel or change some ticket types but not others.

What is a ‘National Railcard’ and who can get one?

A ‘National Railcard’ is a card that allows users to get discounts or save money on the costs of train tickets. The type of National Railcard you are eligible for will depend on your personal details, age and circumstances.

At the time of writing, there are six types of railcards available; the 16-25 railcard, Disabled Persons railcard, Family and Friends railcard, Network railcard, Senior railcard and Two Together railcard. There are also ‘Regional Railcards’ and ‘HM Forces Railcards’ available to some individuals.

You can apply for a railcard on the official Railcard website.

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